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05-01-07, 07:46 PM
Hi everyone. I'm looking for some good diagnosticians/specialists in the ADD field for Sydney Australia. I'm actually from Tasmania, however, Tassie is very small and the grapevine is very big.... I don't think I'm ready, (neither Tassie), for anything like this about me to appear on the grapevine. So, I'm looking in Sydney, (family there - so I have an excuse).

Anyone from Oz who knows some good specialists? There doesn't seem to be many.

05-02-07, 02:49 AM
hey, i lived in tassie for most of my life i know the feeling about the grapevine. Lived in nsw for 13 years now. As for ADD experts in sydney not sure. I'll try and look some up on the net for you.

05-02-07, 02:54 AM
That'd be fantastic. Cheers.

05-02-07, 06:16 AM
OK, I've asked around as well as googling. So far I've found:

Dr. Mark Selikowitz. He's mainly paediatrics, but written a few books on the subject.

Then there's Dr Natalie Silove

These people are good for my sin, but still trying to track down someone who can test me.

05-02-07, 06:26 AM
Welcome Taz-person! (er, Taz People, i should say.)

I've always wanted to go to Tasmania! :D

If I could pass my Stats 1/2 course requirement (thus completing my RN degree) -- and fly off to anywhere in the world as an RN doing travel nursing Work (with stints here and there), Tasmania would be among my top choices. :)

North American trained Docs seem to "beleive in" Adult ADD more than European trained Docs. Maybe seek one out who has done a Residency in the USA, if possible?

We hear a lot of posts on here from Brits who are stonewalled by NHS UK Doctors who 'don't believe in" Adult ADHD, or ADHD period. :S

The other backdoor to gettin Tx is to get an Assessment done by a Testing Psychologist, to prove actual Neuro-Psych testing -=deficits in performance=-, memory, CPTs, etc.

05-02-07, 06:33 AM
Yep, come across people who think it's all some kind of scam.

05-03-07, 01:43 AM
These people are good for my sin, but still trying to track down someone who can test me.God, I need to proof read what I write. 'Good for my son' not 'good for my sin'.
It puts a whole new spin on it otherwise.

05-03-07, 10:03 AM
Mijahe: try the sydney developmental clinic website and ring them to see if they can help or refer. I haven't tried any other treatment for ADD except dex and generally its been a big help although treatment has been perhaps not as successful due to me withdrawing from xanax, getting migraines from looking at the computer too much, and being a bit loathe to take a drug that is otherwise illegal, but it appears from my research to be relatively harmless and is out of your system in about 3 hours and does not appear to be addictive. There has been a lot of debate recently in nsw media from medical, political and judicial areas about the overuse of ritalin esp for kids. Do your research, if something makes you feel bad, sick, headachey, or is addictive - think real carefully about taking it. Psychiatry is in my view a rather retarded science and everybodys brains are wired differently and what is ok for some may not be ok for others. I know someone who has been on stilnox for insomnia for years w/o side effects yet i believe a law firm is mounting a class action against the prescribers/manufacturers. Similarly, I know someone who has been taking the same dose of xanax for 10 years w/o any need to up his dose and yet a lot of people become addicted fast and have horrible withdrawals. Get educated about what the doctors want you to take, why they think you need it, look on the net about what parts of your brain it is affecting. If its having adverse affects go back to gp or get 2nd, 3rd, or 4th opinions until you feel happy with what you are on. And for gods sakes don't give up - untreated or even undiagnosed ADD can mean you lead a very dysfunctional life and you don't have to tell anyone else you have it - just come on this forum and feel free to be yourself, its one of the most supportive forums I have ever been on. ADD is REAL!

05-03-07, 07:24 PM
Thanks for that. I've always been wary of any drugs and always approached any sickness without drugs. So, I'd like to approach ADD the same way. In fact especially ADD, because all of the drugs alter your brain chemistry. I'm nervous about taking anything, although I'm coming around to the idea of having a trial of something.

As for telling people: I've seen the responses in some people about other people suffering from ADD, and it's not pretty. I would definitely not tell my employer. I'd immediatly be shunned, given the 'easy' jobs because the poor old fellow just can't cope. Yeah right!

I'm already having difficulty coming to terms with it as it is, without me having to come to terms with other people having to come to terms with it. The scary thing for me now, is that I can't fix it. It's a part of me and will always be. I now feel for those people suffering from extreme mental illnesses.. You can't get away from it. It's there and it's real.

05-03-07, 10:31 PM
Dr. Mark Selikowitz. He's mainly paediatrics, but written a few books on the subject.

Then there's Dr Natalie Silove
OK, more information:
Dr Russell White - (02) 9869 7718 - He's a psychiatrist that deals with children and knows ADD. This guy was recommended by a friend who's son is ADHD.
Dr Vivian Bayl - (02) 9869 7718 - She's at the same place, but for kids.
Dr. Milton Roxanas - same place but for adults. but also at
and at the Epping Centre, (phone number above).

Dr. Mark Selikowitz - (02) 9221 4783

Dr Natalie Silove - (02) 9880 9288

These phone numbers are their business numbers, you can look them up in the whitepages as well.

I'm going to look at going to Dr. White as their practice supports both paediatrics as well as adults. So I'll be able to get my Son and I tested at the same time, (usefull for final diagnosis as it's dependant on history).

05-04-07, 08:31 AM
OK, Dr. Russell White is no longer taking any more people for the time being. He's too busy, however, he actually bothered to ring back, (at 2100 tonight), and had a fairly lengthy conversation with my better half, (she remembers you see :o).

So, we've booked my son in to see Dr. Selikowitz in three weeks. My son has the greater need at the moment since he has issues at school. We'll see how he goes, then I'll go in to be tested.

Dr. Selikowitz uses medication as part of the tests after the initial screening. This means that he sees how the patient improves, (or not), under medication. I personally want to try and avoid medication, but I don't mind it being used as a diagnostic tool.

05-06-07, 05:41 AM
Yeah thanks I really know very little about the sydney ADHD scene.

05-06-07, 06:47 AM
There seems to be a bit of turmoil at the moment, because some Dr. seem to think one approach is better than another. I haven't been able to find out too much of what the two approaches are, but Dr. Selikowitz seems to be very popular, (and also considered 'ruthless' in the 'fight' against ADD). He seems to be getting lots of results, and I suspect this is making some Dr. angry, or something else maybe... dunno.

05-14-07, 01:23 AM
I've been to many doctors over the years and am currently seeing Dr Anthony Slowiacziek and been really impressed. Like most he's peadiatric but also works with adults. Not sure what his wait list is like.

Greenwich Specialist Consulting Rooms St Leonards (02) 9437 5400

05-23-07, 02:41 AM
So, we've booked my son in to see Dr. Selikowitz in three weeks. My son has the greater need at the moment since he has issues at school. We'll see how he goes, then I'll go in to be tested.
Just came back from the visit to the quack. Interesting... The waiting room was packed, and it looked as though ADD is rampant in Oz. There were kids there with varying degrees of ADD.. some that looked like they had nothing to do with it, and others... well... I can spot ADD kids now and there were definitely some there. (One kid was staying in the lift because he didn't want to go through with the tests.)

We met with Dr. Selikowitz for about an hour... My wife tended to answer all the questions as I was always a question behind... At one point he asked 'And who does your son remind you of in your family?'. My wife answered... 'no prizes for guessing.' :rolleyes: >grumble, grumble<

He then went off to have a brain scan - this involved putting a cap on with electrodes placed around the head at intervals. The techie then squirted in gel, (to make contact with the skin), into the little holes in the electrodes.

Quite interesting seeing all the tiny electrical impulses whizzing across the screen. I did notice, though, a distinct lack of activity in the front of the brain.... Mmmm.... Periodically, the techie would say to my son, 'keep your eyes still'. You could see the brain responses when he moved his eyes, and when he opened his eyes for the last 20 seconds there was a flurry of activity.

Then he went off to a 2 hour intelligence test, and other tests. We weren't able to be there, and I didn't get much info out of him.... so that's all we have on that part.

The first consult is to determine if he has ADD, and if so what sub-type. Then he'll need to go back again for another consult to determine what we want to do. If it's severe enough, then he'll go on meds, if we want him to. Then he'll go in for medication tests to determine what's right for him.

That's basically it..... we find out the results tomorrow.....

05-24-07, 12:15 AM
Yes, definitely inattentive ADHD.

Next step is to try medication, which I'm opposed to as it's not severe enough with me and my son. But, we're going to give it a trial run for a while....

Interesting thing though, his spacial awareness was high, (top 5%). I thought this was supposed to be low in ADDers?

06-03-07, 09:02 PM
the eeg sounds like a qEEG which is gaining popularity as a diagnostic tool. I think it coupled with neuro-psych testing can give a pretty good result. I got my confirming diagnosis from the adult ADHD clinic at Prince of Wales. They didn't qEEG me, but did all my neuro-psych and stuff. I think they only act as a confirming diagnostic centre as they do not undertake ongoing patients.

After a couple of visits there it was confirmed - oh happy days! :D

Good luck with it

06-20-07, 02:58 AM
My son just came back from medication testing. It didn't seem to make much difference visually, but the quack said that it made a 50% improvement on test results. He didn't get as frustrated with basic things, and seemed to be more on an even keel.