View Full Version : bed (plus whatever)

05-04-07, 08:32 PM
What lies under the bed?
Is it a lion, tiger, maybe a bear?
Maybe just a tie that is red?
Or maybe some reddish-pink underwear?

Slip and slide all through the night,
Don' turn on the light!
It is a fright!
Sudden light bursting in on the death of night.


Just don' accidently slip and fall,
and end up under the bed,
b'cuz the space underneathe is hardly tall.

Going under and over- staying under,
oh on that day- such a blunder.
Underthe bed lies the thunder.

Lightning is over,
thunder is under,
the sound is after,
but does it matter?

Finding the bed which is over the thunder,
and the lightning is like the bed- the over,
Which choice in rather?
On the floor,
Or how about at four?

Want to sleep on a bed?
Or on a hay-bale?,
Or many a-nail?

many a-nail!?
if it slips,
please miss the sharp pointies,
and fall into the soft-yellow-bales