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05-08-07, 01:38 AM
I am not a researcher nor am I organised enough to try, I, like most people here are an ADDer, and I have for a long time been curious at the various black holes in the various systems we either have or could find useful. One I found for me in education was the problems I had with comorbidity. The accomodations for ADHD were being undermined by comorbid conditions and visa versa, yet it seemed no one was willing to look at the whole picture and find accomodations that work with my combined obstacles.

I have tried to convince people of letting me try learning braille but there is no funding for that. So I am wanted to put this in to see if anyone would be interested in considering conducting a proper research into these black holes so that they may be fixed up for future generations!?! btw I would be interested in participating of course and I am 21 yrs old and live in NSW, Australia.

One example of why I thought of braille was...I am a kinaesthetic learner, and as a result I learn best through doing things, so by touch really!
I have ADHD, writing down helps me remember, I have Irlen Sydnrome, Dyslexia and Dyscalculia, I struggle to read let alone absorb written information especially in certain lighting conditions, especially the good old school favourite of flourescent lighting (and with climate change, the valuable incandescent which is the better artificial lighting option for people with this condition is facing extinction). So for Irlen Sydnrome (and sometimes ADHD too) they conclude that recording classes to tape...with ADHD, I struggle with auditory processing fact that was one of the reasons ADHD was thought of when I was going through various diagnostic tests...they thought I had a hearing impairment because I struggled to learn aurally...but my tests concluded that the problem existed but the reason was elsewhere...thus leading eventually to testing for ADHD!

So like most people with ADHD who are now adults I got distracted alot, but never truly gave up and got somewhere through a whole lot of hard work, a sleeping disorder and a select few people who believed that I COULD! But it still hurts to know that at 3am, after tablets have worn off, without my glasses on (and the subsequent headache) and I have a chronic sleeping disorder I can do an IQ test (I got distracted ok, the internet does that to me...occasionaly...ok, frequently) and get a score 2 points off qualifying to become a member!!!

The point is not that I am smarter than I thought, it is that I am capable and it is sad to me that if I don't try in whatever way I can, that more young ADDers will struggle to get somewhere average when with the right accomodations they could go much further and do great things for the world.

The international law says I have a right to no be disadvantaged because of my disabilities, and I want to know that if braille is the best accomodation for me, then I can access it. Not all people with ADHD are helped by Ritalin, same as not all people with comorbid conditions are helped by the accomodations currently available for each piece of the puzzle.

So if someone with the skills and resources could look into this I would be very appreciative. At least if I am wrong about this, they will have evidence as a reason rather than saying no because no one considered putting it in the budget...

p.s. I don't want to take away funding and whatnot for other conditions, such as blindness, rather have something for the government to use in considering putting separate funding into additional accomodations for people with ADHD and comorbid learning disabilities.