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05-10-07, 02:52 PM
hey, im tom, im 15 and a sophmore at high school.

ive had add all my life and began medication in 7th grade. the drug i use is ritalin, i cant tell u how much i hate it. but without it i kno i will fail classes, the side affectsmake me feel like sh** and i was wondering how any of you guys have the same problem and how you deal with it.

05-10-07, 03:39 PM
welcome, Tom!!

I wish I could help you with the side effects you're getting from ritalin, but i have never experienced anything like that (plus, I'm on adderall).

I'm sure other members will be able to help you out.

05-10-07, 04:36 PM
Hey Tom!

I know what it's like to go through horrible side effects; I went through about 5 my first week on Adderal. Have you considered switching your meds to something with less side effects? Or maybe just altarnate options, instead of meds?

Whatever you choose to do about it, I hope it all works out. And welcome to the forums :D