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05-10-07, 08:33 PM
Today on my regular I past the local Secondary and Special Ed Schools as it's part of my walking route and when I was passing the high school I saw more plus sized kids than I saw healthy one's, it seems that the obesity and overweight issue has multiplied since 10 years ago when I was at school, I could not believe my eyes when I saw how many plus sized kids on the school over and what saddened me the most is that these kids were doing a phys ed lesson and they were struggling to breathe let alone do the actual exercise, there was one girl who looked about 15 or 16 who so large that she had trouble breathing whilst walking, I'm a little plump and none of my larger clothes would even fit her I felt so sorry, another time I went for a walk a boy who wasn't as large as the girl I'd seen was doing the standard 10 laps around the oval during a phys ed lesson and he struggled on the second lap (I was puffing by the 8th lap but then again I was 50 kilos and a size 10 or 12 at high school) and my heart went out to him.

It makes me really sad as these kids look unhealthy and they probably feel makes me wonder what sort of parents some of these kids have??? where were the lessons in healthy eating and exercise at home??? I understand these day's kids prefer to sit in front of the playstation or TV but it's up to the adults in their life to motivate them into exercise and healthy activity, I can only imagine how some of these poor kids get picked on for their weight, some of the girls may never experience wearing nice clothes, going on dates, being picked for school sporting teams etc etc and the boy's suffer too, it's not about looks but about health, don't some of these parents realise that these kids could die early due to health problems such as heart disease etc etc????

As an adult I've realised that it's time to lose weight which I'm embarking on in order to feel and look healthy and I've lost 9 kilos or more so far and I have more to go!

It's so important to look after not only your weight but your child's as well!!

Just a point of view!


05-11-07, 03:43 AM
Obesity in children is a very scary thing. There are reports of more frequent cases of obesity-related diseases such as type 2 diabetes, asthma and hypertension that once were considered adult conditions.

Increased body fatness also causes the early onset of puberty. A recent study was done on 354 girls between the ages of 3 - 12. The study showed that by the fourth grade, 30 percent of the girls were either at risk for becomming overweight or already overweight. Additionally, 168 of the study participants were considered “in puberty” by fourth grade. Nearly two dozen of the girls in the study reported having their first menstrual period by sixth grade.