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05-14-07, 02:45 PM
I wonder if any users here use a PDA or a smartphone instead of carrying an agenda for apointments and a notebook for lists.

I'm planning on buying a PDA to get my life structured. I know I won't loose my PDA as I loose post-it's folded in have and put into my pocket. I know I won't forget to turn on my PDA or sync it to my Desktop/Laptop as I forget to look at post-it's folded in half ...

I stopped writing on post-it's some time ago, instead I mailed lists from my work mail to my personal mail to make sure loosing stuff was not an issue. But then again I didn't have access to my lists if I was shopping, discussing, ...

Since I'm a software programmer (to be) I wonder if there's an application I can write for me/us to use and to help organize our life. An organizer that goes beyond inputting data and setting reminder times. Maybe setting time goals, trying to finish something in a realistic predefined timespan and keeping records of the actual achievements.
This way you can upload your data from PDA to desktop and review how much time you spent last week on usefull and how much on useless things. How many hours a week you loose sitting in front of TV while there's a whole list of things to be done...

If you are interested I would like to receive input on features you would like to see implemented.


PS I know I should have posted in the software section but I can't move the thread!

05-14-07, 03:27 PM
Try Pocket Informant. It uses a Covey style of task completion by percentage and is customizable too. Agenda, tasks, contacts, notes, and so on. I really do like it and use it alot! You can download a free trial. I have an old iPaq that does not have bells and whistles and it is all I really need although I do keep a paper folio planner which I like for certain things where I want to have hand-written documentation or work on a full-size calendar when long term planning. The paper planner is kind of like a sketchbook for me but the PDA is my alarm/reminder system and carry along planner and mp3 player. This is what works for me.

WebIS-Pocket Informant (

Handango (

05-17-07, 01:49 PM
Wow Formax. That sounds cool. I have a Zire 30 and I love it. I actually have a program on it that someone created to help Weight Watcher memebers keep track of their points. He did it for free and distrubuted it to anyone who would appreciate it. Well Weight Watchers caught wind of it and got a lawyer to stop him. I've still got mine. Oh and by the way, WW's took it and is now selling it to WW's members for a monthly fee! :faint:

My Zire came w/ software that is basic. If you can develope a software that can keep track of time spend and more alarms to remind us maybe every 1/2 hr to "keep moving", b/c I DO lose track of time. Then lo and behold, it's already dinner time!! And I've been surfing all day! I'd love to have some input.... I'll keep thinkin'.

08-22-07, 01:56 PM
Hi Formax

I know you put this on a while ago, but did you get very far with it?

There is some software out there called ADD Planner, but I haven't had a chance to try it out properly yet.

The things I would like in ADD software is:

A simple, clean and modern user interface.
A wizard for inputting tasks and calendar appointments, so I don't forget to input important details like location or reminder time. It could promt you to consider whether you need to prepare anything, or whether you will need money for the appointment, like car parking change, etc.
Multiple reminders, including reminders that can be set for weeks in advance.
Perhaps when you put in an appointment, it could ask if you want to schedule time for preparation at an earlier date.
Pop-ups to remind you to do the things you are supposed to be doing.
Fields like: travel time, preparation time,
The ability to ban certain programs at certain times.
I'm using an Outlook add-on program called taskline at the moment, which is pretty darn good. It's not for PDA, but it gets your tasks and puts them in your calendar for you, and even allows for breaks and priorities. When you sync your desktop with the PDA, the task are there in your calendar.

Agenda Fusion is also pretty good, but a bit too complicated. Agenda One is better, but doesn't do multiple reminders.

A nice alarm program I use on my PDA is called enAlarmPPC. It has a setting which forces you to do a quick puzzle before being able to turn off the alarm, thus waking your brain up sufficiently!

If I think of more features, I'll let you know.

03-18-08, 08:50 AM
I posted something similar on a different thread, but it seems appropriate for this one:<o>
I use my phone/PDA (smartphone). The phone (a palm Treo) is synchronized with Outlook on my computer, and the calendar function helps me remember appointments, due dates to pay bills and the like. In my case the data on the phone is synchronized through my office mail server, but home users can do it manually with the USB connection to the computer (that way you always have a backup for your data). Reminder alarms can be set at different intervals (such as 5 minutes before the due time, 1 day before, or whatever you choose), which can be useful if you are trying to remember things that require preparation (a birthday, for example, where you need time to buy a present) or when you do not need preparation time (for example, to call someone). Before having the Treo I used to use a Palm Pilot (great thing about them is that there is a lot of free software for Palm).<o></o>
Once you have all this, do you ever wonder what you actually did all day? The “Journal” in Outlook will keep track of many things for you.<o></o>

03-21-08, 07:53 PM
I also like Pocket Informant.
Lately I have been using My Life Organized for my tasks.

I am serious considering going "analogue." Maybe I'd do better with a notebook than with all the gadgets I've aquired?...

08-05-08, 12:10 PM
New guy here. But I thought I'd share my new SW usage.

Google Calendar (synchronized with Desktop & smartphone) Wife has access to my Google calendar, because I forget to update it. :)

Gmail (use it to pull all of my other email accounts.) Keeping everything categorized & color coded really helps.

My Listy (Google homepage app) Great for todo lists, and sends SMS reminders to your phone.

Trying at work to use the OHIO method for everything (only handle it once), but it is much harder than procrastinating.