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05-15-07, 06:06 PM
this is kind of off topic from ADD but i believe i have depression i can not remeber the last day i was happy... but anyways i was wondering how i should tell my parents because i want to try some meds for it

never had to tell my parents i think i am add because it was pretty obvious

also my family is not the most open family in the world

05-16-07, 11:13 PM
hey Revz! welcome to ADDF!

ADHD and depression tend to go hand in hand, so you're not really off topic.
I think the best way would probably to sit down and either print out the post you wrote (above) or just sit them down and explain to them how you've been feeling and tell them you'd like to see a psychiatrist for depression.

Do you already see a psychiatrist for ADHD? if so, then you could make an appointment sooner than later and talk with your psychiatrist about it.

Either way, you should tell them. Depression isn't fun to deal with and you should get help ASAP.

feel free to PM me anytime, Revz

05-17-07, 04:14 PM
Be blunt about it, most parents are suprisingly understanding.