View Full Version : when is it bad enough to get medical help?

05-23-07, 05:58 PM
Hi all,

I've always had weird sensory issues... but I'm not sure if I need to have a diagnosis, or if anything will help.

here's a list of things I think are really weird.

certain textures will actually make me NAUSIOUS: peeling wallpaper or paint, blisters/flat bubbles close together, and certain patterns of holes

super sweet smells - vanilla extract, ripe bananas, coconut
make me dizzy

fear of falling - balance seems to be an issue: I'm fine if I have something to hold me in, but if it's glass or if I'm up top without anything then I'm terrified

free falling - terrified of it. I have trouble doing jumps on my bike (something I want to learn how to do), leaning over on my bike, doing dives into the water. I used to be able to do a back dive and back walkover when I was younger, but now I'm terrified of it

depth perception: terrible at night

sound: hypersensistive - the hissing/buzzing sound of electronics drives me nuts

texture: tags in clothes, tight clothes
in mouth: toothepaste/peanut butter - can't stand it; dry can't stand it

pain: can ignore it - picking at skin/scabs/bug bites bleeding but I don't feel the pain so much it seems

cold: can't stand it! jumping into cold water is the worst shock for me

startle reflex: very bad

pencil grip: very tight

fine motor skills: ok, I do lots of crafts - knitting, crocheting etc.

gross motor/sports in general: I have to have the movement broken down for me step by step, phrased in terms of how it feels.

any feed back would be appreciated.

05-23-07, 06:11 PM
I have many of the same issues and take Abilify three times a day for them. Cuts way down on the overload factor, making the sensory issues much more tolerable.