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05-26-07, 01:58 PM
cleaning day today!!! I'm having people over a week from tomorrow, so I am doing a major clean sweep!

So far I'm as pumped as I can ever get about cleaning. Today, my plan is to get the living room cleaned and to do dishes.

wish me luck!!

(to keep me on my toes w/ this I'm going to post updates)

my only big break will be when I must go to work (330-830) and sleeping, of course!

05-27-07, 10:53 PM
i cleaned the living room & bathroom today. I hate cleaning.

tomorrow - -kitchen & bedroom. oh, I have to wash the bathroom floor too.

05-27-07, 10:58 PM
Poor Courtney! I hate cleaning too, especially when I have people coming! I always feel like I am under the gun then.

Yay for your clean bathroom and living go girl!

fellow worker
05-28-07, 12:06 AM
My wife's sister is moving in, so while she cleaned the rest of the house I worked on the bathroom. Hopefully the kitchen tommorow. Sometimes I feel like an oversized kid and wonder why I didn't notice the signs earlier... :p

05-28-07, 02:35 AM
i'm trying to get the cleaning done now, so I won't feel under the gun on Saturday, with everyone coming over on Sunday. now, I just have to do my best to keep it clean until Sunday.

I still hate cleaning!! (thank goodness for adderall to help keep me on task)

~ thanks for the cheers, Crazy!!

FW - looks like we both get to have lots of fun cleaning the kitchen today :rolleyes:
good luck!

05-28-07, 04:27 PM
i have lost any motivation i had to clean . . .

but, i gotta keep plugging away, even though I'm distracted by something different every 5-10 minutes. Time to take HS dose of adderall!

05-28-07, 04:35 PM

You can do it Courtney!

05-28-07, 05:09 PM
i think i can i think i can i think i can . . . . i think i better start using the timer 10 minutes cleaning, 10 minutes play. be back in 10!!

You are a wonderful motivator Crazy!! Thanks!

05-28-07, 05:24 PM
that worked. I'm going to keep this up for a while 10 on 10 off.

Man, i sure love the mr clean erase sponges!!1

05-28-07, 08:01 PM
my vacuum broke :(


05-28-07, 11:04 PM
well, i fell behind (didn't get bedroom clean nor did I do the dishes). But, I'm happy with what I got done!! :D

05-28-07, 11:13 PM
Thanks for the tip about the sponges. I must try them.

05-29-07, 03:06 AM
you're welcome!! they work wonders, easily cleaning walls and stuff (fridges, oven door, etc)

05-31-07, 07:17 PM
is your place as shiney as the emerald city?

05-31-07, 07:44 PM
Yea, give us an update Courtney! :)

10-10-07, 12:23 AM
so, it's been a while. and my apartment is a STY right now. i have to clean it by thursday AM because a plumber is coming to fix the sink.

So, i'm using this thread, again, as a log.

I'm happy to say I can now see the glass on my coffee table :D

my bedroom can stay messy, 'cause i can just shut the doors.

To clean:
- wash dishes
- mop floor

Living Room
- wipe down glass tables
- clear off kitchen table
- put futon into couch
- vacuum
- put laundry in bedroom

- sink
- toilet
- mop floor

doesn't seem like much, but this place is a wreck!!

10-11-07, 06:47 PM
i did it!! i couldn't log my clean up process because my wireless was out.

10-12-07, 10:13 AM
Way to go!!!!

I need to do just about all that stuff too, except the futon. Plus vacuum and dust. And I have 2-1/2 bathrooms. Maybe I'll do it today, I'm starting out thinking I will. I've been working on the mold in the bathroom and making some progress...

10-12-07, 05:57 PM
I didn't get everything done, but I did most of it.

I had a little set-back with the vacuum cleaner. I emptied the dirt cup, and when I went to put it back on, I saw some stuff (mostly cat hair) sticking out of the hole. I started pulling it out, and it was like a clown pulling scarves out of his sleeve! So I got a flashlight to look inside, and saw a small stick of honeysuckle (the cat likes to chew it). I found the manual - I have a place for it and know where it is - and looked up how to remove debris, took apart the hose and got the stick and all the other gunk out. Then I did some serious cat-hair removal on the furniture.

So I didn't do everything on my mental list, but I did some things I didn't plan to do. Good enough.

10-12-07, 06:03 PM
at least you god some stuff done!! Way to go!!!!

12-30-07, 10:55 PM
once again, it's time for a major overhaul of my apartment.

and ADDF members are the lucky ones to get UPSDATES!!

Here's what I need to clean:

1) Kitchen
- dishes
- find homes for misc items
-mop floor

2) Bathroom
- clean tub, sink
- mop floor
- find a home for my LUSH products (omg - if you readers haven't tried LUSH you're missing out!! (

3) Living Room (the worst of the whole bunch!)
- put things in their places
- carpet clean the futon
- give away any items I haven't used in 6 months
- vacuum
- spot clean carpet
- straighten DVDs
- reset stereo

4) Bedroom (if I don't have time to get to this it's ok)
- go through clothes - donate what I don't wear
- get misc crap out of the closet
- vacuum
- hang up pics

wish me luck! i'll need it

i have 2 days to get it done

12-30-07, 10:58 PM
Go Courtney!

Go Courtney!

12-30-07, 11:33 PM
thank you, K! I need all the encouragement I can get

12-31-07, 07:18 PM
HA! ask me if i've done ANY cleaning today . . . go ahead .. ask me!! :D

I've done none. I slept in (which I badly needed) and chilled out (also badly needed since i've been working 7 days a week since the end of October). I don't feel bad about doing nothing today.

But, I've decided that I have to get the bathroom done before I settle down for New Years Eve.

I'm going to do it . . right now. It's a small bathroom . . shouldn't take me too long!!

01-01-08, 04:02 PM
I'm procrastinating. However, i have come up with a GREAT thing to do that will help the overwhelming feeling I have regarding cleaning EVERYTHING.

Last night, I tackled the bathroom.

Today, i'm going to tackle the LIVING ROOM.

This week, (before the 4th), i'm getting the KITCHEN done.

I'm going to eat lunch (my mom's DELICIOUS White Chicken Chili), then start on the living room.

ta ta for now!

05-19-08, 10:26 PM
it's time for the annual Grand Ol' Day clean up!

I'm having people over June 1st and am out of town May 23-27th, so i'm starting to clean so I don't have to rush as much the day before the party.

Last night, I started cleaning at 1am and stopped around 3a (i'm a night owl, plus get insomnia). I did a pretty good job with the living room; i'm doing it in pieces.

I'm probably about 1/3 of the way done with the living room, but I'm already feeling better about it (not as overwhelmed).