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05-30-07, 12:03 PM
I have an aquaintaince who has used Desoxyn for decades at high doses and thought some here may find his long term non harmfull experience of interest:

:My use of desoxyn was done by way of a Dr's perscription,it wasn not hard to get that way, but we never used it as a recreational drug. I have sever ADHD & it was used to attempt to calm me to about normal.It came close to that but additional amounts of it only made me feel shakey or excessively nervous. My greatest complaint is that it is no longer manufactured in this country as there was only one company that didso & they quit making it probably because the government had put such tight controls on it that they had to account for the use of every tablet & where it went. The cost of all that paper work became too much for the economical production of the product. When I first started using desoxyn 15mg gradumet in 1958 the cost was about 4.8 cents per tablet by the time it was removed from the market it had gone up to about $5.77 per tablet & I was using 4 & sometimes 5 per day. The Docs now have me on the only one awailable, 5mg tabs 4, 4x a day whith they costing $2-3 a tab and i use up to 16 daily. I was on Ritalin for a while and found it to have a very short term of effectiveness and was using much more than 80mgs daily.

at least you can tell your Doc that I've been using these types of drugs for 47 or 48 years & I'm still not a burned out drug user
type, and have worked since i was 18, and am now in my 60's

05-31-07, 08:59 AM
WOW-47 years of Methamphetamine use, and no burn out, and on what-16 pills a day?, it makes me feel somewhat secure in the fact that i have used a drug (Methylphenidate) that makes it look like Aspirin compared to Methamphetamine tabs.

You are lucky you can work since you were 18, i have had 'problems' in that area, I'v heard about these Desoxyn Gradumet tabs-apparently they were very effective-maybe if i had been treated with them i'd be in better nick, anyways nice story man, and maybe medical Methamphetamine treatment is superior for allowing some folks to live normally-big ups:)

05-31-07, 12:06 PM
i have used a drug (Methylphenidate) that makes it look like Aspirin compared to Methamphetamine tabs.

How does methamphetamine tabs make methylphenidate look like aspirin?

05-31-07, 11:50 PM
My PC Doc who scripts my treatment and works part-time in an Alc/drug rehab, (has reminded me SEVERAL times some people abuse Riralin, IV Ritalin-which i know-i always wear short shirts-h8 needles) and with Crank being the current scruge of my country, he made the comment to me once that SMOKING Crank (Crystal meth) Vs swallowing a methylphenidate tab makes it look like Aspirin. He sees people who don't eat in a week and are in a bad way.

It does in fact surprise me that Desoxyn, Dexedrine, Ritalin are all SchII.

11-03-09, 04:57 AM

some types of drugs having a more taxic and more danger.some government has some ristriction level and desoxyn is also known as methamphetamine hydrocholride its a one type of drug.

Thank you...

11-03-09, 09:05 AM
.I made it 22 years on street meth, and it wiped me out.

I can't even feel adderrall most of the time.

04-07-10, 10:57 PM
street meth is not only cut with other stuff (regaurdless of where u get it, its never pure), and street meth is both isomers, which might affect two pathways negatively, so desoxyn is a med....crystal is a straight drug