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05-31-07, 01:29 PM the next couple of weeks it is more than likely I will have to take a drug test prior to getting a job at a MAJOR company in the NY area that I've been going for. It's taken nearly four months to get to this point.

I take Adderal XR 40 mgs daily prescribed by my neurologist since January of this year.

So obviously it's going to show up on the drug test. I do not take any other drugs of any kind.

How do I handle this? I don't want this (of all things) to jeopardize a job at one of the best firms in the world. Do I tell them about it before?

Someone told me to write down the medication I'm taking on the application or some other kind of document that might ask this. There may be no need for further explanation.

Any advice? I'm a little concerned....


05-31-07, 03:01 PM
At every drug test I've taken, I was asked if I were taking any prescription or over the counter medications. When they ask, tell them "I take prescription Adderall" - in fact, take the prescription bottle with you the day of the test so they can see it and have all the information for any checking they would like to do.

If they do not ask you, then tell them anyway, before you pee in the cup.

And as always, READ anything you are given to sign. You may be asked in print instead of verbally. Or the page may say you testify that you are not taking anything, and you can't sign that.

05-31-07, 03:13 PM
I don't know the law on drug tests, but it's possible they're only allowed to test for illegal drugs, rather than being able to just provide your employer with a list of every possible thing that showed up in your test. So if you can provide the bottle, like DianeS says, hopefully the lab won't tell your employer about your Adderall usage (since it's not illegal).

06-01-07, 06:51 AM
can I ask something? Does adderall show up in a drug test? I want to start donating plasma again(I could use the $50 a week) I just dont know if it will bar me from doing so.

06-01-07, 02:43 PM
Drug tests test for EVERYTHING. Most ADHD drugs are also sold on the street as an illegal drug (because they are illegal to take without a prescription), so tests for them are definately included in a standard drug screening. A positive test for amphetamines without a prescription for them will be considered a a test that was positive for illegal drugs.

But a positive test for amphetamines plus a prescription for amphetamines will cancel each other out and the test will be considered negative for illegal drugs - because there is nothing in the test that is disallowed. I have always understood that the simple Passed or Failed test result is what is given to the employer. I've never, ever heard of a case where the employer was told of a legal prescription by the drug testing agency.

lunaslobo - Yes, Adderall shows up on a drug test. But since you can still donate blood while taking Adderall, then you can probably still donate platelets. You can call ahead of time and ask. Again, if you have to take a blood test then just take your Adderall prescription container with you to show it is legal.

06-05-07, 11:45 AM
So this drug test is coming up soon....

To whom should I give notice to that I'm on Adderall? Should I get a little note from my doctor about it? Bring the bottle?

06-05-07, 03:58 PM
My youngest daughter takes Adderall. And when she got her first job at 16 they did a drug test using the hair. She told the Manager that she had ADD & was taking Adderall that was prescribed by her dr. She was also using a rx nose spray & to be on the safe side I called the Manager to talk to her about the Drug Test. She said that since my daughter had put on her application where it asked about if you were on any prescribed medication about the Adderall, that there shouldn't be a problem. But if there was all she would have to do was bring the bottle & show them.

Also I have some physical disabilities. And due to some of the types of meds that are needed to deal with them, my Specialist runs routine tox screens to be sure that his patients are taking their meds as prescribed & also to be sure that no other meds than the ones he prescribes and/or is aware of are in their system. Well, I don't put down on paper work that I have ADD or that I take anything for it. The first one he did that came back Positive for Amphetamines, he asked me if I had ADHD & I said "no" he then asked if I took any meds for it I said "no." He then said well you tested Positive for Amphetamines on your Tox Screen. So I told him that "the truth is "yes" I do take meds for ADD but I don't ever say anything about it" because I have found that the majority of drs where I live are very ignorant about it & I don't always feel like trying to explain enough that they will try & correctly educate themselves about it. (I was a nurse for along time & some of these drs are ok with being ignorant about this topic & it really ticks me off) My dr said "You're taking Adderall" note that he didn't pose that as a question..At that time Shire was doing a Adderall PR I knew that's where he got the idea. I told him "No, I'm not taking Adderall. I'm taking Dextrostat which is dextroamphetamine" and he said "I've never heard of that one." Now I can understand the not hearing of Dextrostat but was odvious that he knew even less than I though that the did. Then he asked " who is the psychiatrist you're seeing ?" I told him that I wasn't seeing one, which I wasn't, I was seeing a regular dr. He kept insisting that I had to be seeing a shrink. He asked for his name & I told him that the dr I saw for my ADD was in the next state. I had to go out of state because my last ADD dr referred me there. With my medical background & the fact that I had been on the same meds & same dosage for a while. My old dr said that all I really needed was just to get the rx's every month. And that noone in the city where I live would make it that simple. Anyways the dr accepted my explanation & nothing else was said about it until about 2 yrs later. And then they wanted me to Sign a Release of Medical Records from my ADD dr. I said "no" that I would get a letter from him because there was info in my Medical Records about my youngest daughter, who by then was grown. The bottom line was that I didn't know who would see those records once they were received by the dr here. Because I had a copy of 2 other peoples MRI reports mixed in with my Medical Records when I had gottten a copy of them a few month before this, I was trying to protect my privacy as well as that of my daughter.
Anyway I got the letter from my ADD dr but kept forgetting to give it to the dr here. I was talking to the Lab Tech a while back & the topic of ADD came up because she & her child have it. And I took out the letter that I had been carrying around for app 1 yr & gave it to her to put in my file.

I do have a suggestion though. Since this is a "MAJOR" company they should have a Website. They might have info about the Companies Drug Testing Policy or something that might answer your question on the website under Jobs, New Employess, Job Opportunities or something along those lines.

The drugs that they are looking for, with a few exceptions, are all drugs that can be legally prescribed. And that is where the difference comes in. If you test Positive for a drug you having a Prescription for it can be the difference in being hired or not. And that is Your Prescription not one that if your spouses. Unless your dr were to tell you to take something that had been prescribed for your spouse in which case you would need to get a letter from your dr stating you took it under his advice/orders. In situations like this a dr usually makes a note in your Medical Records that he told you to take a med that was prescribed for your spouse.

Let us know how it turns out.


06-15-07, 02:56 PM
UPDATE: I've give my "sample" today and asked the nurse about the medication. She confirmed that if the sample comes back positive for anything, that a prescription that settles the issue is all that is needed.

To be procactive, I contacted my doctor and they already faxed me a note written on a prescription pad stating that I'm under their care and am prescribed Adderall XR 40 mg daily.

New question: I'm giving in a lot of info to the HR people this week. Should I again be proactive and send them this note before the results come back or hold off in case for some reason I don't get questioned???

Anyone have suggestions??

06-15-07, 11:22 PM
I may be wrong here but I would hold off. You know the Tox Screen will come back "positive" for amphetamines & you have already informed the ones that did the test about that & explained why & been told what you will need for it to Not become a issue & you have already taken care of it.
But wait & see what other Members have to say.


06-29-07, 08:26 PM
Drug tested by the federal goverment 1 week ago, everything went smooth. Did they test for amphetamines? Who knows, but I passed the drug test.