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06-05-07, 10:35 PM
Ok so I haven’t been officially diagnosed with ADD yet because i need a new doctor because the one i have only cares about money :mad:...

anyway giving the fact that i've yet to be diagnosed it is obvious i am not medicated for it...

I have a really hard time focusing a lot more the past few weeks...i think it might be stress related... anyway tried a few things i heard help you focus more but the only one that seemed to work is music but no music allowed in my science class...but i have yet to talk to my geography teacher but it helps

i guess i should have talked to them about this stuff earlier...but i'm no good at talking to people... and none of them really geo teacher does a little i think...

anyone know something that might help
i'm gonna make sure i get help from my teachers next year...fresh start...

06-05-07, 10:59 PM
Sounds like you need Testing.

Have you had any Testing with a Psychologist? (not the same as a medical doctor)

Are you in Secondary or Post Secondary? (e.g. i have some funding info.)

06-06-07, 03:47 AM
i'm in Secondary, grade 9... I haven't had any testing...i think was going to be when i was younger but my doctor said i was fine or something...

but i'm moving at the end of the month so i am definitely getting a new doctor who would probably send me to one or however it works

07-02-07, 03:46 PM
mjm, I would ask Mom if you can see some one so you can be tested. Tell her you problems concentrating and focusing.

Do you have a new dr yet?

Just know that testing and medication are not the only answer. I believer that therapy, med and being tested work the best together. Learning to skills to focus and time management skill will help. Keep us informed.

07-09-07, 02:25 PM
well i have told her but she just thinks i don't want to concentrate even though i've said i want to do good and i like the classes she just doesn't et it but if i said i think i have ADD she wont believe me because my dads friends son had the hyperactive type and i'm not explosively hyper but i can't sit still or concentrate or think right unless i'm moving or pacing like in grade 6 my teacher gave us these poems to present...hed cut it in to two or three parts i'd study every night and got it down but when i had to go up we had to stand still and i always drew a complete blank type thing you know :(

07-10-07, 01:16 AM
mjm, do a search on ADHD in girl and boy and how it differs. As you get older, the hyperactivity changes and it showes up differently compared to before and also to boys.

Boys are more hyper and aggressive, where girl my be more talkative . Check out (

Also check for information at ( ( (

I hope this helps. talk to here like to you talk to us here.

07-10-07, 07:46 PM
thanks for the information... i'm taking some things from the sites and underlining the main things and i'll bookmark the sites.... but i'm not sure if i can actually tell her
shes not the best to talk to about stuff even when i talk about how i'm going to go more now that we are closer or whatever she gets mad like yeah right... because i stayed home a lot because it took me half an hour to walk there and i dont "do" busses :( she just thinks i'm lazy and making it up...
my dads pretty much the same just less yelling more sarcasm and more faith in me...
I don’t know all i can think about is once i say it i can't take it back and if i don't tell the right one nothing will ever happen you know and i don't necessarily want meds i just want help ...maybe I should just talk to a guidance counselor when I go and they’ll talk to my parents… :confused:

03-10-08, 06:05 PM
If you want to speak to your teacher (if you have not already) send them a email. I know at my school they have the same email format. And that way you can alert them of what you need without the awkwardness of physically speaking to them.IF you cant email them , then you can always type a letter and put it in their mailbox or something .lol