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06-07-07, 09:05 PM
I posted this before when introducing myself in the page for new members. Noone really replied to my problems. I guess it is because I should have kept the introduction short and posted THIS somewhere else. Anyway:

I'm 13 and the more I learn about how my mind is different, the more I realise why I don't enjoy the company of most other 13 year olds. Luckily I attend a school for the gifted and am able to make friends as they are very different too! :P

I have Visual Processing Disorders and my visual memory and visual spatial awareness is very poor. I am an auditory learner and feel that I make up for my visual problems in that way.

I have never taken medication and don't ever plan to. I get along just fine being abnormal and I am often the first to see things others don't, and I love the fact that I can concentrate through an entire history lesson while the others are falling asleep and not have to study yet get better marks than the 'nerds'.

My first real concern is I am so very bad at organising myself. People say "just write down what you have to do in a notebook and check it frequently" but it isn't as simple as that. If I'm too busy focusing or if I'm spacing out then I don't hear the instructions, or if I'm busy with something I forget to write down the instructions. I ALWAYS forget to check the notebook so really, it doesn't help.

I've been drinking fish oil as it apparently helps with memory. It seems to be working but I still forget my joggers or hat every sports day and end up having to sit out while the other kids play :(. My teacher gave me a detention because I keep forgetting so when I was supposed to be writing out lines, I wrote him a little note telling him: "I have ADD. I am happy that I have ADD, but unfortunately one of the symptoms is lack of organisation and forgetfulness when it comes to bringing items required for activities. If you want to really help me, allowing me to enjoy PE ensures that it is the first priority on my mind so that I CAN'T forget." Something like that. I hope it helps and that he doesn't take it the wrong way.

The other thing is, I can't do maths. I know I have it in me, but throughout my education the teaching style has prevented me from achieving what I want to achieve. A typical lesson for me is:

1. I come in.

2. Teacher draws funny diagrams on the board and says "Does everybody understand?"

3. Class says "yes" and I say "no".

4. Teacher (who has a strong Indian accent, so most of my concentration is devoted to working out what she is saying. Most of my class is Indian so they have no troubles!) explains it to me, but I don't really manage to work out what she is saying, no matter how often she tells me. Eventually I get sick of hearing her talk through her frustration.

5. She then instructs us to do 100 excercises on what she just taught us. I can usually work out by myself how to do it, despite not having understood her explanation. I manage to do about 3 excercises then either fall asleep or joke around. I don't get the point in repetition.

I would much prefer if she could explain it so I could understand, make us do 3 involving excercises with an actual point and NOT work out how much the apples cost if these rules apply, blabla, and then proceed with teaching us something new and exciting!

I also usually forget my homework.

In a test situation I can concentrate great and I usually race through, feeling confident about the answers I put down... Until something distracts me. It is so easy. I read a spelling error in one of the tests and I think "Spelling error? You'd think they'd be more careful. Get back to concentrating now!" and whilst I'm thinking that I realise I've read the same question 3 times and haven't taken it in so then I think to myself "I've read the same question 3 times and haven't taken it in". Well.. 10 minutes later.. OOPS! I only have 5 minutes to finish these 15 questions off!

I would love any advice. Please! I want to do better in school but I just can't. I know that I am bright and if only I could just 'hyperfocus' through all of the lessons I would be top of the grade in all of my subjects. I just haven't developed coping strategies to some of my problems yet.

06-08-07, 01:13 PM
I understand completely. My math teacher has a strong Chinese accent and a stutter. Your letter to your coach was a good idea. I hope he understands.

I hate busy work too. I think the repetition is to drill the new formula into your head but honestly if you get it you get it and if you don't you don't. If you really don't understand the way the teacher taught it to you ask a friend! They may know a different or simpler way to show you.

I do the same thing in tests. I usually just put my hand over the distraction. It still in my head but I don't have the visual to keep reinforcing it. After one of two problems I usually forget about the mistake(or at least but it in the back of my head until the test is over.)

I know how you feel about wanting to do well in school. You are excellent proof to debunk the myth about AD(H)D people being lazy or not caring. Keep it up. I know everything will work out.:)

06-08-07, 05:25 PM
My maths teacher was like yours, unfortunately I went about it all the wrong way and ended up getting completely taken out of maths.

So what you should NOT do is have a go at the teacher because she probably doesn't realise that your finding maths difficult.

Instead you could write her a letter (like you did with the PE teacher) telling her why maths is hard for you. Or talk to her before class or something.

Things that helped me in maths were:

Sitting next to someone whos always 'on the ball' and listens well and is good at maths.
Chewing gum (helps me concentrate)
Getting a maths tutor (wish I did that earlier it really helped)

Good luck

06-08-07, 06:18 PM
Actually, I got a better idea for the test thing. I'm going to correct the question, draw a big circle around it so I remember to do it and then move on. That way I won't still be thinking about it by the time I come back to it :D

As for the maths thing thanks guys. I think I will just talk to her and explain my frustration. I'll try to teach her that it is very hard for me to focus on something that I'm not interested in but I try and if I can find a way to do it then I can actually be a model student (Hah! I wish teachers wished all their students would just 'hyperfocus' through class!)

06-08-07, 06:30 PM
Thanks a lot for reading so much by the way :)

10-20-07, 06:47 AM

You should read at :

I hope it will be able to help you

10-20-07, 08:14 AM
If your teacher will allow it, take a blank 3X5 index cad with you and use the edge of it to underline the text that you are reading. It minimizes visual distraction and it helps you bring your eyes back to the place you are reading in case your eyes should wander around a lot.

Also, I found that taking a b complex sometimes helped with memory and cognition a little.

lastly, there is no substitute for studying. Do lots of practive problems (I know it is boring), just do as much as you can.

Me :D