View Full Version : i dont know how to cook sadly but true

06-10-07, 02:20 AM
i can do hotdogs eggs bacon fries and mac and cheese and little things

06-10-07, 05:34 PM
Every one has to start some where. We are born knowing how to do three things and cooking isn't one of them.

06-11-07, 12:47 AM
Marry a good cook; worked for me. :D

06-11-07, 04:17 AM
Cooking is something that builds itself, i find.

Learn to make the basics (e.g. pasta, rice, grains). Then you can add on learning to make things like beans, sauces and stirfries. Then just put them together.

Raw Food is another big trend to explore too. Probably not such a bad idea since heating foods diminishes their nutrients.

If i could learn one skill, it would be SPROUTING. (I love sprouted grain breads!

06-11-07, 07:16 AM
i dont know how to cook sadly but true 2 cup sadly
1 cup but true
1 cup chocolate chips
1 cup sugur
1/2 cup milk
combine sadly, but true with milk and sugur. mix untill a soft dough forms. add chocolate chips. spread into a well greased pan. bake at 375 or untill golden brown. :eyebrow:

06-14-07, 01:05 AM
get some pasta. something small you can use with a fork.
get some fish, like tuna. 4 cans
got meat? Ham. Salami. (optional)
Veggies? Celary, Carrots, Radishes, etc
Italian Dressing
pepper and something spicey like cayanne. not too much. whatever else floats your boat or tastes good. a dash or two of soy might be good when you add the dressing.

Mix it all up. Be creative. It can be fun if your kids are helping they can mix it up with a big spoon and help with the seasonings.

should get two meals out of it. perfect summer dish. very healthy.

if youre a new cook dont bother paying too much attention to all the different amounts and sizes. Just add some stuff and give it a taste. If it tastes good then youre all set! Thats all there really is to cooking.

For ideas try

guys definitely need to know how to cook. the ladies love it. :o

06-14-07, 07:26 AM
if youre a new cook dont bother paying too much attention to all the different amounts and sizes. Just add some stuff and give it a taste. If it tastes good then youre all set! Thats all there really is to cooking.
this is what i do and it drives my family crazy. they love the bbq sauce I make but i dont have a real recipie, just add this and that so it never really tastes exactly the same twice. think of what you are cooking as your art work and you are creating something. I love to cook, always have.

06-15-07, 07:27 PM
LOL, yea, I have imaginalry amounts for things, (that is if im even useing amounts)

What I really do is cook by process, not forumula,


Everything I cook is in a eletric Wok, and step one is ALWAYS letting onions simmer,

Don't have a care about how much onion, or what type of onion,

Then I just throw outher stuff in...

Cooking is like playing something useing a game controller,

To everyone who hasn't played a game before lookes at all hte buttons on a controllser like "OMI, how do you know how to do all that stuff"

But to everyone who has played a game knows that after you played one game, it takes you about 15 seconds to figure out how to controll this new one ;)

Cooking is the same way, you just need to figure out your buttons, then worry about ur combos,

Hope this helps ya out a little bit !~

08-30-12, 01:48 AM
check this out

you can't get easier than that.
get some brocoli, cauliflower, carrots.
put that in a ziplock container(the ones with the blue lid)
throw that in the microwave for 3 minutes.
it should come out steamed just good.
if its not good enough, remember next time its 4 minutes.
now, do the same deal, throw some shredded cheese on it and a little crack of pepper.

go get a steak, max out the bbq and put it there until you think its cooked. usuallyy 4 minutes per side for a one inch thick steak should come out medium. go with ribsteak, ribeye or new york cut. striploin is not bad either. you cant have a good steak without good meat.

rice: half and half rice and water. take the ones with the black rice mixed to it. . . taste better. now, you should go get a rice cooker on sale for 10$. you just put the stuff in there, turn it on and it does the job for you.

need recipe for chicken ?
-take a chicken breast
-slice it
-throw it in a pan at medium and shake that stuff until its start coloring(black is not good at all)
-yes it sticks, and its ok. dont put a ton of butter it wont help. jst a little spoon is enough
-grab whatever hot sauce, bbq sauce, cury powder, chilli sauce, anything you think you like
-pit some in there and keep shaking the stuff to rub it good enough. it will dry right up but its ok.
-put a little bit of water(3-4 tablespoon) in there and wait a couple minutes, it should do the job.

wana cook pork ?
how about pull pork. its the perfect do it and forget it there for a day kind of recipe.
take some pork loin
throw that in the slow cooker at the low setting
cover with bbq sauce
come back the next day. its cooked enough when you just have to push on it and it just break.

take that pull pork stuff
put that on a piece of bread
schreded cheese on it
toast it at broil till it comes out nice. should take 3-4 minutes

burgers ?
slightly more complicated.
cut an onion as fine as you can
take whatever ground beef/pork/chicken you have left, mix it up with the onion until it kind of look kind of like an onion seasoning. usually half an onion for a pound of beef.
throw an egg in there
also dump 1/4 cup of breadcrumbs(rice crispies work just good. . . .true story)
mix it all and go cook it on the bbq. low/medium setting until its cooked. takes a little while. black is not very good again.

what do you want to cook for supper ?
cooking is quite simple, you just have to try. i am not good with recipe books, i just try it.
go see BBQ pit boys, they have great BBQ recipes
for the rest, honestly its just a matter of trying things. I've ever cooked stuff even the dog wouldn't eat, it happen. thats why they created frozen pizza.

good luck