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06-12-07, 01:38 PM
Hi, I am taking an alternative teaching certification program over the summer to teach in the state of Texas. My understanding is that this program focuses on class management skills only. All knowledge of the subject to be taught is expected to aquired independently. My question is if anyone knows where to find study materials and books for certification in art, history, social studies and science at the high school level. The test I will be taking are the Excet and Texes test. While resources based on Texas curriculum are preferred I will also look at study material based on other states curriculum.

08-06-07, 07:32 AM
Maybe you could go to the nearest university bookstore and explain this to the manager or just an associate. I am sure they would let you purchase textbooks in your needed areas (or at least show them to you) I really think good textbooks are much better than "how to" books at a bookstore. The textbooks I used for my classes were excellent and usually included quizes and things so I could monitor my progress.

By the way, I am an elementary school teacher, not high school...but I went through the traditional route at an education program at my university.

Also, when I took my certification test, we were able to purchase study materials for it at the bookstore (univ.) so they may have those also.

I have heard from many people that go the route you are going have a hard time teaching because they only learn classroom management skills, not so much teaching skills, so the textbooks would help you in that area also.

Good luck! We need more excellent teachers, and in my opinion anyone with ADD will be an excellent teacher!

08-08-07, 12:37 AM
thanks for the reply k@ren i've actually done both the college textbook thing and the study guides and you are absolutely right the textbooks are much much better, infact the study guides were basically worthless. but i just took my exams on saturday and am awaiting the results. three weeks until i find out, in houston thats the week after school starts. but oh well.

and yes acp was basically worthless also, they had some things to consider as far as management goes but not very in depth. i intend to just do a lot of independent study on teaching methods and child development since the acp skiped over that.