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jittery guy
06-18-07, 11:14 PM
post about ur bad breakup.
me and my EXgirlfreind just broke up earlier this week and fought really bad but we are slowly makeing peace with her but its really hard bcause i think i still like her... and it really hurt that she dumped me even tho i did every thing that i could to make her life hevan but she did her best to ruin mine at times.... but ne way if u need help to get over someone or just need to vent hurt and frustration then this is the place.

06-19-07, 02:52 PM
jittery guy,

I'm so sorry that you two broke up. It's makes it even harder if you still like her and would like to continue to be together.
(i had a relationship like that).

For me, the best thing to do when my ex-and I broke up was to completely avoid him. Even though he wanted to be friends and we hung out with the same people, I needed to avoid him, to just be away from him for a while because seeing him hurt.

Avoid her (don't call or see her) and let the pain ease for a while. If you two are meant to be then it will all work out in the end.

06-20-07, 01:30 PM
Ive never really had that bad of a break up i always have good relations with x's and both usually agree we had a lot of fun when we did go out and still do.. thats the way it should be :)

06-20-07, 03:49 PM
oh one more thing i know this will make me sound like a jerk or something like that but some good advice would be to hang out with your friends go out and meet some new girls and forget about her dont act needy and start with that "she dumped me even tho i did every thing that i could to make her life hevan but she did her best to ruin mine at times"
its a complete turn off to most healthy women and with that kind of attitude it will be hard to move on to the next girl or get that one back want any more advice IM me at Zlineageman

07-29-07, 12:26 PM
I can tell you what works for me, if the breakup ends badly and if it gets to the point where I actually lose respect for them, it's a cakewalk to just never talk to them again, almost like I just become disgusted thinking about them. But yes, if you still do have feeling and there isnt anything neccisarly bad about her after you broke up, it's just gonna take a few weeks to get it all off your mind. Definately take the time to do things you havnt had the chance to do,like with me I started up yoga again, tried cooking more (I am a rad cook), did some more photography, called up a few friends I hadnt seen in ages...

If you just sit around of course it's going to be hard to manage, because thats the only thing you're going to be thinking about. Just do things that would make you happy, buy a new shirt... *shrugs*

It'll be fine, every breakup is the "OMG I CANT GO WITHOUT HER" breakup, a couple weeks pass, and no more thought.