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Addenda III


-> a(dd)^2enda

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#19#Midnight[~s~Red Hot Chilli peppers]
'We are the lotus kids
Better take note of this'
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black ish ... white ish ... brown ish

~s~ wikiP_

lightish (Pheomelanin)
darkish (Eumelanin)
blackish (*Neuromelanin*)

->- 3-ish not 2-ish ish-ies there are




Boy's Surface (#18#) (part of #17#)


~823 ( bottom row (4 perspectives on one image [#18#])


< /^
< /|
< / \ >


< /^
< /|
< / \ >


Spherical Torus
F-torus plasma
[~s (] [plasma, the fourth state of matter]


< /^
< /|
< / \ >


6-5 | 6
(membered rings ie 6C5C - 6C emergent structures
eg purine A - pyrimidine T)

~noting~ that the pattern in organic chemistry repeats 'over'

[6 membered ring-5 membered ring]
(eg tryptophan) ->- L-tryp
(cf serotonin,melatonin)
6 membered ring
(eg tyrosine) ->- L-tyr (there are three structural isomers of Tyr,
para-Tyr (p-Tyr),
meta-Tyr (m-Tyr) and
ortho-Tyr (o-Tyr).
Enzymatically, only the first isomer (p-Tyr) is produced from L-Phe)
(enigmatic eg
cf dopamine,melanin)


Other common names for dextroamphetamine include d-amphetamine,


black ish ... white ish ... brown ish
dunno' if ish drive little cars

... the ubiquitous nature of ish does lead one to remark, though on

'what a lot of ish there are ... ... ... ! ... ... ...
... give the ish a golden star.


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[Physics FAQ] - [Copyright]
Updated March 2006 by JCB.
Original by John Baez.
Open Questions in Physics

->- added content

F Unanswered Qs
1* Condensed Matter and Nonlinear Dynamics
2* Quantum Mechanics
3* Cosmology and Astrophysics
4* Particle Physics
5* The Big Question™
However, given the implications of particle physics and nonlinear dynamics on cosmology, and other connections between the groups, the division is somewhat artificial, so the classification here is somewhat arbitrary.
Condensed Matter and Nonlinear Dynamics
1. What causes sonoluminescence?
see eg gadgetgirl's avatar or image of {light, sound} associated with the sun or the New Scientist main article in June 07 - also a Youtube movie of
'when 2 galaxies collide'

... recurrent theme to follow ->-
energy + (recursive onion ring structure of alternating real/complex nature [Lorentzian Riemannian manifold] - imagine an infinity side with the two halves of the *butterfly* in real and complex domains - respectively.

so ...
energy + real complex 'cosmic onion' ->
energy (so energy says 'I have a shape too') + real complex 'cosmic onion' ->
concentrate on the shapes doughnut hole (sausage), the tasty bit of the doughnut (torus), butterfly (flapping) (may be dark(hint:sound, noting jets -just- exceeding the speed of >sound ->results in-> cooling (heat)
or light)
energy (little light or dark butterfly) + real complex 'cosmic onion' ->
'when 2 galaxies collide' (above)

galaxy = sausage

so ...
energy + real complex 'cosmic onion' ->
real complex 'cosmic onion' (veggie) sausage + real complex 'cosmic onion' (veggie) sausage ->

... now think gyroscope - ie a stably rotating ball with 2 outer rotating rings -
call them light (real) and dark (complex)
->so ...

{{{{{{{{.}}}}}}}} + {{{{{{{{.}}}}}}}}... ie 2 galaxies (emergent structures - high Potential Energy)

{{{{{{{{.}}}}}}}} ->- X-section through a sausage

and ... simplifying to resemble a gyroscope
{{{{{{{{.}}}}}}}} == {{()}}

so ...
{{()}} + {{()}}

noting that the butterfly flapping appears as though - 2 layers of a sphere moving contra-laterally - when the butterfly is captured within the potential energy - of an evolutionary structure (Universal Theory of emergent energetic evolution)

ie (1d) - 3d - 4d - 13d

trigonal -> tetrahedral -> icosahedral

... noting that the stable emergent structure which pervades is the black hole ...
sausage and of opposite eversion -> doughnut
the doughnut as a doughnut from 'head on' and side on - as a spiral ...

... so
energy + real complex 'cosmic onion' ->
eg galaxy + galaxy ->
ie {{()}} + {{()}} ->
emergence via a large butterfly - and blowing off a smaller (relatively) - dark and light butterfly ie 2 eversions (opposites) eg light (through cycles of evolution) -> light and radio waves (through cycles of evolution) -> sound

that essentially there's a fundamental asymmetry which -> chimaerism - due to -
end 1___stick__end 2

anchor end 1 of the stick - and then allow end 2 to freely move and - an assymmetry will result - since end 2 (statistical distribution) - - within the exact same physical space - would be extremely improbable.

ie {{()}} + {{()}} -> {{()}} after blowing off the outer layers ie:

... noting that intermediate (ephemeral structures) - of the butterfly form - both in terms of the emergent structure and the energy which is blown off ie

{{()}} + {{()}} -> {{()}}{{()}} -> {{()}}{{()}} ->
???{}{}???{}{}???{}{}???{{}}???{}{}???{{}}???{}??? {}??? ->- line 2
{{()}} (emergence)
with the energy lost through attaining a more stable emergent structure - imagined - as butterflies - flitting onto other emergent events...

...the force of loss of energy in emergence (line 2 above) would propel the newly emergent structure into space (the force relating to the number of abstraction layers in the two helical structures which come together in an (energetic) emergent evolutionary event)

ie How multilayered is () ?


(emergent properties in newly evolved form,
idea of evolution to environment of everything (not just lil' 'ole life)

... and also that the black hole through the torus ...
sausage through the doughnut -
has the same structure as an omega-3 fatty acid
(ie 3 changes in direction at 3 double bonds occurring in
ie 3 bends (required to switch from complex ->real and the converse)


Baez lots of questions ... lots of answers (thanks to the Stabile Theory)

'Baez' culminates in the 'big question'
gravity ->
the rest ->

-> another perspective (sliced down the middle of the doughnut ie
o hole (sausage)
o o -> the bit we pay money for when we buy a doughnut.

ie 1d vs 13d
(tensor correction) required to unify the Fantastic four

kinda like making a
2d cut out of a
3d truncated icosahedron

unravelling or ravelling a shape across 'dimensional' space
above 2d -> 3d, 3d -> 2d
to understand the different perspectives in on that thing ...

ie live in a 2d world - and perspective (observer bias) of higher d objects (and the converse)
- will prevent proper observation of their (RR)Reality

cf the previous belief of quasicrystal lack of structure - prior to tools which prevent encapsulation of RRReality at higher dimensionality

... 11d,12d,

13 - unlucky for some
(lucky for others too)
which one are you?
big smelly poos ...

(poem attributed to a contemporary of Ben Jonson and Shakespeare)
Sau-cisse Van der Bratwurst (the patron saint of Alsatians)