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06-21-07, 10:21 AM
When I was living at home in the US, I got really discouraged when looking for a therapist that I felt comfortable with (and could afford). I never managed to find one and convinced myself that I didn't really need to be in therapy, I just needed to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. And looking for a new job and moving to a new country kept me occupied enough for awhile that I was feeling less depressed and had a handle on my ADD symptoms.

But things have started going downhill again. And if I had a problem finding a therapist that I felt comfortable with at home, where I had dozens if not hundreds to choose from, I know it's going to be impossible here, where there are a very limited number of therapists that speak English well enough. Plus one of the major problems I had with therapy in the past is that I have a really hard time when it comes to verbalizing my thoughts. When I'm writing, everything just flows, but if I try to speak the same thoughts, it's like there's a wall between my brain and my mouth.

So what I'm wondering is if anyone here knows of or has heard of any therapists who would do therapy solely through email or over IM. I would ideally like to find someone who would be willing to set up a regular appointment with me, just like with any patient, and then be on an IM program for that time. Anyone think this is possible?

06-21-07, 10:50 AM
I am pretty sure that ADHD coaches will work through email...I am also pretty sure that this is relatively expensive, and not covered by insurance.

06-25-07, 06:12 PM
In Australia they do have phone counselling as well as an online counselling site and email system although I haven't personally used it.


06-25-07, 06:36 PM
Online Therapy is still relatively new. I don't think very many mental health counselors or therapists are doing it yet. The only person with expertise in ADD that I know of who has done distance therapy is Lew Mills

You may want to look into ADD Coaching or Career Coaching. Coaches are more likely to work via IM and email than mental health counselors or therapists.

06-25-07, 09:19 PM
Thanks for the replies everyone. I'll look into the ADD coaching, though I'm not really sure if that's what I'm looking for. I've always thought of ADD coaches as people who give practical advice for specific ADD-related problems (like being late or disorganized). I'm looking more for some sort of therapy that will help with my depression.

And Crazygirl79 - I suppose the Australian site is only for Australian citizens?

06-26-07, 12:22 AM

I can't remember if that site is specifically for Aussie citizen and I can't even remember the web address....sorry:o


06-29-07, 10:26 PM
It might be more practical to get treatment in person from a doctor.