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07-01-07, 01:54 AM
Does anybody know where to get more solid information on Desoxyn, like research on it's mechanism of action, or studies on how it affects people differently than the other ADHD drugs out there?

I've read lots on this forum about what people say after using Desoxyn, and it sounds like something I'd love to try. I have taken Adderall about a year and it works wonders for my attention and has opened many doors for me in academics, but it causes anxiety, fatigue, and it raises my blood pressure.
I brought a bunch of info about Desoxyn to my doctor and he looked through it. I printed out pages from pharmacies, wikipedia, and quotes from what people have said about it from various forums online.
After reading it he said that he didn't see how it could affect me differently than Adderall, might not be a good idea to try. Also since Adderall is helping me and I'm not showing any addiction behavior, might as well stick with Adderall.

This didn't make any sense to me until I realized that the info I showed him wasnt solid or reliable, it wasn't real research, it was just some stuff on the internet. I realized that the only data I have about Desoxyn being different than Adderall is what anonymous people in the internet have said.
It was in a way reassuring to know that my doctor wouldn't perscribe me something that he didn't know about.

Anyone have any links, or can point me to some real data?
I don't have my heart set on Desoxyn, I know it may cause side effects too. But I'd love to get more info. If it really could cause less side effects and still work, its worth a try!

07-01-07, 03:47 AM
Reassuring? Thatís not the word I would use to describe a doctor who is treating your ADHD, has prescribed Adderall, and doesnít know about Desoxyn.

Just my two cents.

07-01-07, 03:53 AM
I would find that reassuring, personally. I would be disinclined to continue treatment with a doctor who prescribed something that he did not fully understand.

My own doc is a great man, and even he did not realize that Desoxyn was still being manufactured. When I told him that it was, indeed, still out there, he replied that he was familiar with it from years past. Had he said "Desoxyn? Never heard of it, but here is an RX for X amount of it."...then I would be worried.

07-01-07, 04:21 AM
I agree with you CrazyFeet, because as far as my doctor knows the drug could be toxic. There are lots of drugs out there available for perscription use that are really bad for your body.
I wouldnt want to be perscribed something that fried my liver or something! And I'm glad my doctor won't perscribe me something that he doesn't know about.

But I see your point dhbanes, ideally he should be a pro at all the drugs out there. Unfortunately, from what I understand, it is common for doctors not to know about Desoxyn. And in my doctors defense, there are so many drugs out there it would be impossible to have them all down pat! I've spoken with pharmacists who don't know what Desoxyn is, and they typically know more about the drugs than doctors do.
But yea that would be great if he knew what Desoxyn was. Does your doctor know about it? Maybe you could ask him where I could get some better info!

07-01-07, 09:01 PM
There is no real data for Desoxyn
closest thing you'll find is:

07-10-07, 10:22 PM
Hey thats a good link, thanks!
Anyone else have a link like that? I'd love to read more about what some doctors think, doctors that have actually perscribed it before?
I don't care if the information says desoxyn is good or bad, I just want to learn more about it.

08-06-07, 01:30 PM
My experience has been that psychiatrists will give it out usually, but general MD's look it up in their book and see that Desoxyn = methamphetamine and they're like "NO WAY!" I'm giving that to you.

It works great as a stimulant, but it's almost too powerful for most people (which is why it's normally used as a 'last resort' if Adderall isn't powerful enough). I mean, 5mg of Desoxyn is considered an INTENSE dose. Also, it has all of the cons of meth = it's easy to get addicted to if you aren't responsible and there's a lot of potential for abuse as well as selling it to junkies, etc.