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07-01-07, 12:47 PM
i am confused. i dont' think i have an eating problem -- but hten i look at myself.

i'm a guy that's 17 years old, 6"-6"1, 145lbs with around 7/8% body fat. i ride my bike...from 1 mile to 15 miles whenever. i'm an active 'hyper' kid with adhd.

i eat when i feel hungry - yet sometimes, like now, i dont' eat even if i'm hungry. i just dont' feel like eating? i physcally feel my stomach growling and whatever. yesterday i only ate three eggs. i think that's wack. sometimes i have to force myself to eat even if i'm not hungry. sometimes i eat like 2000+ coleroies no sweat. my appeite is messed up.

i'm somewhat still depressed..but i've had this 'i don't eat until i'm hungry' for ages...

i know my motabolism is most likely very high. my family normally eats way more then me...i normally eat pretty quickly...i don't really like eating - but i have to(unless it's like ice cream...or i'm stoned...or i just feel like eating.)

what do i think when i see people eating a lot?
"wow..that's kinda sick.."
but it's not like i don't do that..just not all the time..

also, i'm taking adrell xr(30)
i think it makes me NOT hungry and NO appeite, well sometimes.
(this is bad, right? but if i make myself hungry..then it's okay? or should i for sure find new meds?)

i just don't know what to do. i don't think i have aneroxia, since i'm reserching it...i've talked to my mom, therapist about it..ect.

i think i just have developed poor appeite/whatever?
my stomach could be not that much food gets me full?

i eat, i and eat...but i never push mysefl to feel HELLA FULL..i just think it feels werid/why eat that much?

i don't wanna have my body eat my muscle! lol
i'm an active bike rider and stuff and if i didnt' have muscle..i'd be very light...120/100 lbs 6" male? wtf?? that's not right. i don't know what to do

i have a problem..and right now..i'd love to be able to eat...and eat just beacuse... i feel like it. but i don't feel like it - even if i'm hungry. i just don't.

i read that you mostly think you're fat..or whatever..but i know i'm hella skinny..well not hella..just skinny. and it's not like food doens't taste good..i'm not really pick nowadays....what's wrong with me(maybe this is a strange blessing? but i doubt it. it's a double bladed sowrd, and i'm getting stab rather then sharping the other blade(i doubt if that makes sense..but if that does to you...please tell me haha)

07-01-07, 01:42 PM
Sometimes I don't eat when I'm hungry because there's no interesting food to eat, or just junk that makes me feel bad after. Sometimes it's the acid in your stomach that plays tricks on you; you'd rather not eat because your stomach feels that if you do eat you're going to hurt / hurl. If you bike a lot, like I do, you should make it a point to carbo-load, especially at night the day before a longer ride than usual. In your case, I'd suggest you carbo load daily until you gain 15 pounds. i.e. big plate of spaghetti with white bread. Find a food you love. Keep a lot of it in stock

07-01-07, 02:28 PM
Amphetamines make us feel less hungry, yes.

I think you should talk to your Doctor? (You mention getting "stoned" too, which causes me concern.)

Most people don't have to use illegal drugs/misuse whatever else, to enjoy life.

This suggests to me that there may be other issues in your life.

08-05-07, 06:30 AM
it's hard to say whether or not you have an eating disorder..because you're on adderall-xr.

an eating disorder is largely a result of genetic and environmental factors...and it has to be present without any drugs.
otherwise, it's just substance abuse or a drug dependence problem.

medication obviously affects your brain chemistry... so if your eating issues are caused by the drug itself, then you're really lucky, because there's a very simple solution -- stop taking it! :p

hopefully this is just a result of the adderall... (and i think it is, because you would probably know if you had anorexia... you would feel a lot of anxiety, you would suffer from perfectionism, you would instinctively count calories, and you would always feel "fat." didn't mention any of that, so you're probably okay. :) it just sounds like you're really active- which isn't a bad thing. :) just try to force yourself to eat more, even if you're not hungry.)