View Full Version : Chatroom Regulars?

07-05-07, 08:18 PM
I know that it may be hard to organize particpation, including the problem of figuring out who is a regular and who isn't, and so on. So, I had an idea.

If you are going to particpate in the chat as a regular, how about putting your name down and times you may be on? This way we can see who is going to be and maybe we can encourage more people to chat!

I'm going to try and be on as much as possible, so I'll be on many times through out the day. So yep, I'm going to try and be a regular in the chat.

07-06-07, 10:38 AM
I much prefer chats to forums... more instant gratification to them. I'll leave myself logged into it while at the computer. And hopefully I'll see some people and some momentum for using the chat will gain.

The instant chat thing on here though is kind of lame. Java chat rooms never seem to fare well for some reason. A better idea might be setting up an IRC channel somewhere. If there's any interest in that, I don't mind making it happen.