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01-20-04, 10:50 AM
The whole ADD Coaching issue is very complex. It's complicated for me as a coach also. When I went to the ADDA conference last may I went to some session sessions geared toward ADD Coaching. I thought I would come out with a better understanding how to become certified or qualified as an ADD Coach. Instead I left even more confused.

At the present moment there are no set standards for ADD Coach Cerification. The International Coach Federation has set credentials for Personal Coaches. Personal Coaches are not the same as ADD Coaches though. The Coach Trainining schools that ICF has approved are not accredited by and government agencies either.

Then there are many life coaches who work for College and humam service related agencies. They may have be very well educated in psychology, social work, education etc. How ever they may not "get" ADD.

Here's what Nancy Ratey Reccomends:

How Can I Tell If A Coach Is Qualified?
As of today, there are no certification standards for AD/HD coaches. However there are many reputable sources from which you can get referrals, and there are various training programs that have been established specifically for AD/HD coaches.

In the field of coaching you will find various forms of certification. However, there is no specific certification at this time for the specialty of AD/HD coaching. A potential client needs to do their homework before hiring a coach. Be sure that your coach has knowledge and experience with AD/HD.

Another resource is:

The ADDA Guiding Principles for Coaching Individuals with Attention Deficit Disorder