View Full Version : Just Saw Harry Potter 5 and its 5:30 am and still havent gone to sleep!

07-12-07, 08:23 AM
ahhh i just saw harry potter 5 and it waS soooo sick :eek: :D !! I got home and decided to go to the gym cuz i was so awake and then came back and have been surfin the net doin whatever. Ya for some reason whenever i see a really good movie, i always get so into it. Like i phase everything out and its like im living in the movie, its hard to explain. Then i think to myself, "What the hell, i'm in a movie theatre?" Ya i got really pulled into this harry potter one! Defidently was the sex. Do any of you ever have this experience with movies, where you just get so drawn in that you sortove forget where you are and time flys by and feel like your almost in the movie?

07-12-07, 08:50 AM
Harry Potter 5 isn't even out over here yet. :D

07-12-07, 01:56 PM
I'm pretty sure it opened yesterday in the US. . . . yep! July 11th!

So, the movie was pretty wicked, eh?

07-12-07, 05:25 PM
I got it wrong, it came out today one of my friends went to see it. Apparently it's the best one.

I don't actually like Harry Potter all that much but I don't mind seeing the films.

07-17-07, 03:40 PM
Was the movie any good? I may get my cousins to drag me there :D

07-17-07, 04:18 PM
I Was kinda disapointed with it to be honest. lol

07-29-07, 12:20 PM
It was the WORST harry potter yet. It had a few good scenes but looking into it I think they are trying to setup the next movie and didnt do much for this one.