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01-21-04, 08:32 AM
I've left messages for my psychologist saying I would like to make an appointment & it has taken him a week to get back to me

This does not seem right to me (what if it was a crisis?) - what do you reckon?

01-21-04, 09:12 AM
Sadly, this DOES seem right to me.

Maybe it is different in Australia... but up here, psychologists are very very busy people. Maybe that says something about Canadians...? :eek:

In a crisis, up here, you would be expectd to get gelp from a crisis line, as opposed to your regular shrink...

01-21-04, 11:10 AM
Was there any type of message on the voice mail/answering machine. I know that in the US most pshychologists has a message telling people to call 911 when they are in crisis.

Who know maybe he was on vacation. Maybe the message didn't go through.

Have you made a follow up call?

05-12-04, 12:35 PM
Adding to what Tara said, most of the good psychologists I know leave a number to contact either them or a covering doctor for crisis situations; otherwise they just get back to you when they get back to you in terms of adding what might be another long-term client to their schedule (especially the good ones; some of them don't even take new clients b/c they're better about respecting limits than some of the rest of us).

I'd also do a variation of Tara's suggested follow-up call; I usually send an email first detailing my situation and request, and then call later - it gives them a chance to go through what my situation might be (and being that I'm something of a control freak, I control the initial information that they receive), and then I'm pretty sure that they know I'm trying to get in touch w/them (I reference the email in the follow-up phone call).

Best of luck.

05-15-04, 11:55 PM
Thanks for the advice - since the post I've finally made contact. He did not seem too troubled by the delay in answering my voicemail. I think it is time to change to someone else.

05-16-04, 12:02 AM
My son's psychologist calls back right away. However, for an appointment I usually just call her office & schedule an appointment through the receptionist.

05-16-04, 10:03 AM
It depends it some regards to the type of practice thye're in and (ultimately) how overwhelmed they are at the minute

05-16-04, 10:18 AM
My shrink gets paged every time a message is left on his machine & he calls back soon. The downside is when I was meeting with him in an emergency session Friday, he got a call from his other job administering the county mental health services, and I had to sit there & wait 5 minutes while he worked out their problems in the middle of my session. Everyone else I called while researching had the standard voicemail note that if it was an emergency, call another number to page the doc. That's more sensible. This guy is just a couple years into private practice, developing his business. He's pretty good but that was weird to be interrupted like that.

06-16-04, 07:08 AM
woo hoo, I officially have a psychologist. He has a msg. with an alternate phone number "if we're taking to long, or if you have an immediate crisis". What steps is he going to take? Will I be tested any more? What kind of therapy will a Dr. of Psychology look at for me? Testing already consisted of putting blocks together to match a picture. I did really well on that one, but it took me a long long time to be able to make my brain work that way.

I remember being 5 or 6 yrs. old, sitting in the mini-rocking chair, bozo's circus on tv. My sister and I were being taught how to tie our shoes. She got it right away, and I couldn't do it for the life of me. I asked and watched over and over again, but when it got to the part where you loop around and pull that part through the loop, I would get lost. Of course, the step dad just said I was stupid, but i'm 45 now and I still remember that day.

I always took things apart and couldn't get them back together. Had major problems with typical "man" type tasks and learning mechanics. I thought something was "wrong" with me. Now I know it was just adhd :). At any rate, that is one of the things I forced myself to do. Now, I've been rated as having an aptitude for engineering.

I also did well on the second test of rememebering numbers and repeating them back, but it was a challenge and I did my best to pay attention.

I failed miserably on the tova test. The timing got me. When I'm doing something mundane, I also find one or two more things to do mentally at the same time. And sort of turn attentention back to the mundane task at periodic intervals. Well, I did the same thing on tova, but the timing of the tova seems to be just right to force me to pay full attention. I could understand pressing that button late, but I also pressed it early.

I'm still trying to get a better understanding of this. And I've accepted that I won't be able to run through here like a tornado and come out with all the information.
But it seems that everyone else here is far more educated, and goes to conferences and has or are add coaches. Where do you get all this information? Er, without actually going out and buying a lot of books and such? hehe.

Are there ppl in the shadows wanting to capitalize on the whole adhd phenomena?

06-21-04, 12:03 PM

I'm glad to hear you were called back and some things are starting to happen for you. You obviously have taken an IQ test( probably the WAIS ) and thats a start. Please keep us posted on how things are going and good luck.:)

09-11-04, 04:44 AM
I suppose I can chime in here... I've called my psychiatrist before regarding med side effects and was able to get things taken care of the very same day (some rather severe insomnia, like, not sleeping for 3 days).

My therapist, OTOH, I've never actually *had* to call and speak to him... which is a good thing, because it's rather hard to reach him personally rather than his voice mail. However, he actually called ME once when I had missed a session due to just plain forgetting about it. It was a session we had had to reschedule and I didn't write the correct time on my calendar.

Those things, to me, indicate that I've got a good team of professionals working with me.

09-11-04, 06:20 AM
I think Your Shrink and My Shrink must have read from same text book in college... "Returning Phone Calls....Make them wait".<~~~~~ Smart Aleck way of looking at it:D

I know it's aggrivating and We ADDers are not famous for our Patients..but if ya got to look at it from Shrinks Side..Maybe he/she is busy with other patients..OTOH that should not make you any less important...If ya get tired of waiting long enough...hehe go to the office where he just might have to see ya.

09-11-04, 08:14 AM
I always return my phone calls. How quickly it takes me depends in large part on how over whelmed I am at the moment. I will keep trying until I get in touch with the person or leave more than one message. Please remember that we have to leave "generic" voice mail / answering machine messages for the sake of confidentiality.

09-11-04, 08:41 AM
Gotta love HIPAA

09-11-04, 09:02 AM
Gotta love Email too....Cant get a hold of em....Email em and go on blind faith that he checks messages :eek:

10-01-04, 08:43 AM
My Doc is the best. First of all, his office is about 200ft from my apartment complex so I can walk there. Secondly, he told me if I was ever having a crisis just to walk down to his office because he is always there until at least 7pm and if not he gave me his cell phone. He told me he struggled with ADHD earlier in his life as well. Cool huh?

10-01-04, 10:07 AM
Back Up:D that's the answer:D there is an online

12-23-04, 01:45 AM
My present doctor calls me quickly depending on the message I leave. She always returns calls within 24 hours at the latest.
She also has an alternate phone number if you are a patient of hers and it is an emergency (I never have those):D . Then on her message comes the 911 reminder.

This is wierd for me. I have never had someone that available to me like she is. I have only called her once in crisis and that was when a good friend of mine passed. I guess I respect her and will not call unless it is important.

Not all the people I have worked with have been this accessible. Personally, I think she is too accessible.:p

03-15-05, 08:29 PM
Uhhh...yeah, I personally would probably not put up with that, what with the fact that I'd be paying the guy and all.

That said, I have a really flaky shrink. (He's got ADD. :) )

And it's kind of a weird arrangement, because I also have his cell phone number. But that's mostly because I just helped him when his phone was messed up one day and he needed someone to help fix it (and I was the first appt. of the day) so it was on my caller I.D. Now he can't get away from me! Heheheheheh.

No, seriously, though, mine's a little flaky--like if you're really upset and you call and he's in with a patient, he might be told that--you're really upset and all and you need to be called--but he might forget to do it until that night. It's pretty rare, though, that it'd take that long, just a little while (few hours) usually.

Comparing him with other shrinks, he's not bad. Well I mean he rocks, but on this call-back thing, he's not bad. And I am not a fan of psychiatrists, so saying he rocks means a lot...

If he's a good doc, and you like him a lot other than this, maybe just go into his office and talk to him for a sec in between patients, be like (assertively but not angrily) "Uh, what was up last week? Needed you to call." I don't know, I tend to be a little odd with doctors in general--dad's one, they're like, ummm, I don't know--car repair guys to me. If somethin' is messed up under the hood or you have a question about your mileage or something, just holler. (Think that's the best way to explain it. Weird, I know.)