View Full Version : Ironing, sewing, cooking, baking, etc.

07-15-07, 01:41 PM
I grew up with an amazing Mother who was an incredible seamstress and could iron things beautifully. A fantastic homemaker, cook and baker. I have never and I mean never, had the patience or coordination for sewing, ironing, cooking,canning or baking. Not to mention gardening or home decor.

I do keep my house clean and I do cook, but I keep things very simple.

Being newly diagnosed it is a period of discovery for me. It occurs to me that these things may be of difficulty for others diagnosed. Of course being a woman close to 40, I was still brought up when these things were fairly important to know how to do well.

07-15-07, 04:14 PM
In my readings and learnings, coordination can be an issue with some LD's, though I don't know what yours is. Diagnosis aside, what's cool about this day and age, is that women are accepted to do other things well besides homemaking. We are beautiful and gifted and talented in so many areas, and to be forced into a cube back in the day, when for whatever reason household care just went against our grain but they had to be done anyways. Yuk. You obviously have gifts that extend beyond ironing well! You sound like you have a great attitude, and are going to enjoy the new discoveries and introspection your diagnosis brings to your world.