View Full Version : Basic supplementation - Supplementation with exersice

07-17-07, 10:35 AM
I am looking for pointers to a basic supplementation regime for mental functioning, energy and against stiffness / muscle soreness.

A lot of supplements (stimulants) good for the first two can have a negative effect on the later two. I am looking for a safe basis where positive effects are quite certain to outweigh the negative ones.

Second, i am looking for supplements to take in connection with exercise against fatigue, soreness and tension caused by the exercise.

Can be short session, longs walks in the mountains; Strength or aerobic.


07-17-07, 12:40 PM
I have not discovered any medical facts to support this, but my chronic muscle stiffness disappeared when I started taking Ritalin.

07-17-07, 06:40 PM
Mrs. Smith, I have done some reading on the omega fatty acids for ADHD and mood, and recall coming across readings that said they were helpful in fibromyalgia (also CFS) as well, as they are known for reducing inflammation. It was hard on a quick looksee here, though, to find a good read to post here for you, as it's hard to find supplement information that is not tied to a site that sells them. :mad:

I can speak from experience, that since taking them, I have had a great decrease in my arthritis pain. Let us know how you get along and what you find! :)