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07-18-07, 01:10 AM
I started taking Adderall when I was 15. I noticed that it didn't make me hungry. So, I didn't eat days (when at school), only at night. Now, I'm 20 years old. I just started taking clasess at night. Up till now, I always ate only at night. Now, I take my meds. at 2 pm for my night class. I'm not eating nights for sometime now. Growing up, even if I didn't take my meds. I still only ate at nights. My body got used to it for the last 5 years now. My mother is freaking out, she thinks that I have an eating disorder, but I DON'T! Now, my body is getting used to not eating nights. And I don't know what to do.

07-18-07, 03:51 PM
Today, I saw my doctor. He thinks I'm using my Adderall to use weight, but I'm not. I explained my situtation (which I said in my last post). He didn't understand. He wouldn't give me a script for my medication. But I still have some left. Now he wants to see me twice a week. Untill I gain some weight. My next visit is this Friday. I feel that I don't have control over my eating, it is my meds I think. I'm just really worried. If anyone has any input or suggestions, I'd be thankful. :)

08-05-07, 06:12 AM
i'm sure that it is the meds...

you should stop taking them and see how it affects your natural appetite.

and if you're not eating at night anymore, maybe you should start eating breakfast and lunch?