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07-18-07, 05:42 PM
I Interpret "Yes"

Between becoming and beloved I await you,
Watching time wind through the spiralling blossoms
And the smell of the satin sky lingers in the lilacs.

My hallelujah is subtle, hidden, whispered to
The spaces between seconds, in the same timebreath that speaks
The stories only children hear. It is for you,
My imaginary friend, grown-up and splendid,
Whose song found me there when I
Was listening for snow-angels.

There is an unrequited length of maps between us,
Long lines in powder-pink and eggshell-blue that cut through
Manmade spiderwebs, seperate streams, and stretch over farmland.
Soon I will count the signs and recount remembered times
As they pass, all pass me by with a rattling roar,
Until no stars perch on the streetlamps anymore.

It takes a night-long day to reach over the jagged
Pastel intermittencies murmuring ching-chime and a stiff arm up
Like mothers stopping children all in a row quick let them go
Running into races and to play "I Spy" the spotted cows and kestrels;
But there at the end is the stilt-city, higher than God's eyes,
Lower than earthworms, mankind in a blender, and you in the Park.
I have remembered you there to my diary time and again, despite
Having never seen your face.

There is a destiny squalling birth inside that City,
An infant anonymous hope that became of a stuttered question
And an unhesitating "Yes."
There are shadows all around us who reach and smile, who cling
To the corners of our footprints, and each one of us casts them
Like a game of colored sticks, like a child's toys, like a technicolor
This is our life, the lives we make, the masks we wear.
We ask. We anticipate tongue against tongue. We make wordless songs
That sound like the buzzing of neon declarations
All up and down the sleepless avenues.

(I have walked there with you.)
I will walk there with you.