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07-21-07, 12:24 PM
Rev got me to thinking about a problem I seem to have.

I don't get this: IF I'm not UP and out of the house BY around noonish, I won't get out. Like on wknds...if there is a function late afternoon/early eve and I've been home all day or for several hours BEFORE the function, I won't go.:confused:

When ppl say "Drop by this afternoon.." or "Do you want to .... this afternoon/evening?" I withdraw inside & make something up (I HATE lying) or don't do whatever then say that something came up or that I didn't feel well.

I remember working evening shift and man, it took everything I had to get myself into gear to get ready for work. I went bec. I HAD to - it was my JOB $$$.

Most of the time, I'll ask my husband to take me to run errands, drop me off @ class, etc. bec. I just don't want to go. For some reason, him driving me/taking me makes it easier.

I'm a morning person, love to get up early, get to work - I'm 100% if that's the case. Which, thank the Lord, it is. I'm on dayshift.

When I worked as an investigator, I could jump & go at the drop of a hat for a u/c deal or search warrant. No problem.

Sometimes I just think I have a hard time PLANNING for stuff. I dunno :(

I've NEVER understood why I'm like that.

Does anyone else do this???

Should I tell my CLOSE friends that I'm like this so they won't think I'm (choosing to be) unsociable?? I know that there's still the stigma out there that ADD/ADHD/Depression, etc are "in our heads" and since you can't show them a broken bone, it shouldn't exist...we should "snap out of it."

But then, I love to go out. However, it's GETTING out - the momentum maybe - that throws me off. But, if I DO get OUT, I have a blast.

Before marriage, 35ish and so, I LOVED to "party". I actually LOVE to dance more than anything (drinking, for instance). When I was younger, I didn't go out to meet guys as much as I went out to DANCE. I OUT-danced EVERYbody. :D

I'm currently on Cymbalta (for about a month now).
Dx'ed Depression/Adult ADHD

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07-21-07, 01:24 PM
Kiisethwa, I can relate to EVERYTHING in your post. I was formulating an answer in my head suggesting my behaviour was age related and then I got to the part where you mention age. Could it be the waiting that causes us to lose momentum? While waiting, do we become engaged in other activities and don't feel like interrupting them unless it's for a high stimulus activity such as you describe? Sounds really ADHD to me.