View Full Version : Adult ADD and NVLD questions #1

07-29-07, 01:53 PM
I want to explore the NVLD path, but find very little resources on the combination Adult/ADD/NVLD.

My situation is roughly that I went to ADD evaluation some years ago. I didnt get ADHD diagnocis, but they said my IQ profile was similar to NVLD, and that this and other LDs often could lead to similar issues as ADD.

1. Know any resources particulary useful?
(Its easy to find stuff on NVLD, I am asking about this combo).

2. What do you feel is the connection between NVLD and ADD for you (seperate conditions ....etc). What have you been told.

3. Do you think your conditions are inherited? Brain Damage? Difficult birth?....

4 Do you feel the ADD-side is connected to fatigue, bodily issues...
(I feel it is fir me). Please red the Wikipedia entry at:
Search for "interna".
I am also thinking a bit in the direction dr Lawlis ideas (ADD partially caused by stiff muscles from anxiety)


08-02-07, 09:58 PM

I kinda fit the mould for NVLD and kinda for ADHD (but fit neither diagnosis to the "t"). I've got a huge difference between my verbal and performance IQ scores and subtest scatter that basically fits (except for the problems with abstract reasoning), but don't really have a lot of the social issues.

As someone who's read at least a little bit of the literature out there, IMHO there's a lot of overlap between ADHD and NVLD, especially ADHD without hyperactivity. Both disorders involve deficits in executive functioning (i.e. planning, attention, working memory). BUT, I think that NVLD emphasises more of a deficit in visual spatial skills than ADHD.

I think in my case my issues are probably somewhat genetic (no one else in my immediate family has been diagnosed, but my sister is definitely more hyper than average, and my dad can be a complete space cadet. We also have people on his side of the family who have issues with auditory processing and visuo-spatial skills).

If you haven't already, I would suggest hopping over to and checking out their forum as well. I used to post there years ago, and there are some really good people on there who might be able to answer your questions about NVLD and ADHD coexisting.