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03-22-03, 03:32 PM
Here's a good article by Ronald D. Davis on the common characteristics of Dyslexia:

07-18-04, 04:43 PM

Thanks for the link to this website...

the combo of adhd and ld-dys. makes life intersting!!!

btw...i do note the date for your post is over a year old, isn't is nice to know someone has finally looked at it and replied...

thanks again,

:cool: sneekkers:cool:

07-18-04, 05:15 PM
Heh...I'm glad that you found the information helpful :)

08-17-04, 02:26 PM
Thanks, BIG! I glanced through the list and I will definatly do some more investigation into this.That list was completely me.:eek: That explains a few things.

08-20-04, 11:02 PM
This seems awful confusing! Many of the dyslexic symptoms sound like ADD. How is it possible to get an accurate diagnosis??? I actually fit most of the characteristics for dyslexia but only got the add diagnosis. Grrrrr....
However, it was very informative :)

Trooper Keith
08-20-04, 11:18 PM
I took the free online assessment and tested as moderately dYslexic in every single category, however I have no problem reading...the only sign I normally show on a regular basis is that I flip or omit words when I read them quickly, and have to go back. Sometimes I also read things incorrectly because I guess the wrong word is coming next. Also, on occasion, I leave out letters when I'm writing, but I catch myself and put them back in 99% of the time...

So really, I don't know if this is too terribly reliable.

Ok I mispelled "dyslexic" phonetically as "dislexic" maybe I lose.

12-14-04, 12:39 AM
I'm dyslexic, but not ADD or ADHD (as far as I know). :D

Most of the symptoms I've seen with my son 5 1/2 I've assumed are dyslexic. He reverses the same letters and numbers that I did and his handwriting is messier than mine was! His school is leaning towards ADHD and not a LD, he is performing at grade level. Then I bought books on dyslexia, to help me and him, and read a lot of the symptoms for both are the same!

I'm not ruling out dyslexia, but we're looking more closely at the ADHD part. We turned in our evaluations to his doctor today!


02-04-05, 01:23 AM
hey big I took the online assessment and Wow...I was between moderate and severe in mostof the categories. this was very informative and validated alot of how I hve been feeling. Now I dont feel crazy. I am going to ask my dr to reccoment someone for testing before I go back to college...thanks for the link...Chris

04-03-05, 11:13 PM
I took the test and I fit most of the categories... heh! But I am pretty sure i'm just ADHD and not dyslexic. I know several dyslexic people and the problems I have with reading and writing are completely different than theirs... the problem with this test is that they just sya "has problems with reading/writing" instead of going into the details.

My two dyslexic friends say that they can't catch their own spelling mistakes becuase they don't see them. I make tons of mistakes but it's due to carelessness and I see them 99% of the time, like you said KMiller - I think taht if you can do taht it's not the same as dyslexia but I'm not an expert or anything.

04-04-05, 10:19 PM
they say ADhD people always go balls to the walls with everything, i guess that includes my other dissabilitys as well, not one to do things in half dosses, gota have it cronic.

04-05-05, 01:30 AM
yeah really! that is SO true. no halfway stuff in my basket.

05-12-05, 05:04 AM
Thanks Andrew this list has helped me.
To sort out my AD/HD from my Dyslexia better.
And also to explain Dyslexia better to my family all who do not have it.
Only my father has these and he gets what they are like.
No explaining needed with him.:)

11-30-05, 08:36 PM
Is there any link with epilepsy and dyslexia? I have epilepsy all my life and was tested this past summer for adhd and dyslexia and I was told i have mild neurocognitive disorder due to epilepsy.

What ever that means. Today was one of the worstdays in my school life. I walked out of history and went to see the head of the education. I have been talking with him for a few weeks about issues in school. I am having a hard time in history...pretty much failing the class.

I have the hardest time reading and get tired after about 15 min. I end up falling asleep . There are so many more things but I am too angry at the moment that if I write I wont make any sense.
Thanks for letting me vent

11-30-05, 08:39 PM
oh i forgot to tell you that the the head of education asked if i was diagnosed with a reading disorder or anything that is were I was going with my train of thought.

I told him that the dr's never came out and said that directly. My history teacher said you mean you cant remember what we talk about in lecture and then take a quiz and I said no. OK there you have it.