View Full Version : any Nova Scotians who find the narcotic control thing annoying as hell?

01-23-04, 11:14 PM
I moved to HFX from Ontario this summer, and the narcotic control policy they have here is such a headache. You can't get any refills, so you have to see your doctor for a new perscription every month unless the doctor trusts you enough to give you one perscription of three month's worth. And you've got to get the perscription filled out within 7 days since the doc writes it.

The first time I got a perscription down here for Ritalin, I had a week's worth of Ritalin left, so I waited till I was done that week's pills to go to the drug store and get my new perscription. Oops, I didn't realize it had to be filled in 7 days after seeing the doc, and I couldn't get an appointment with him until after the weekend. I had to wait till Wednesday because the medical center I went to was so congested. The weekend was alright, but once I had to be back in school I started feeling some withdrawl, probably mostly from stress. The walk-in clinic couldn't fill the perscription out for me either, I was almost in tears, no lie.

I've switched doctors, I'm sure my last one thought I was a pill-popping narc like half the people my age here, even though he had no justification to think that. Anyways, the controlled substance thing here in NS sucks, any other NS people having to deal with it?

02-26-04, 11:17 PM
I'm not in NS, but just the rules about not being able to get a Dexedrine refill until the full 30 days are up is annoying.

P.S. - Did you take your nick from the Boards of Canada song of the same name? They're my favourite band.

02-26-04, 11:44 PM
Not there either but I am having some similar troubles... I don't suppose it occurs to anyone that the PURPOSE of the drug is to help people overcome difficulties preventing them from being able to keep appointments, meet deadlines, fill out paperwork... grrrrrr :mad:

02-27-04, 01:45 AM
Man do I feel lucky here in Ontario

My doctor forgot to mark on the prescription (Dexedrine) the 2 refills it was supposed to have so the druggist picked up the phone , called the doctor and had a new script faxed over to him

I still didnt get the 3 refills I was supposed to get but instead I got a 3 month supply

and being that Im only taking half of what Im supposed to take its actully a 6 month supply