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01-25-04, 02:24 AM
My doctor just diagnosed me with severe depression. I am now taking Wellbutrin XL to help with my moods.

Was also diagnosed with FM and CFS, which is fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue for those who don't know.

I will post more later.

01-25-04, 02:30 AM
I really hope the wellbutrin helps mommy...can cfs be treated?

01-25-04, 02:38 AM
they're hoping that the med will help me calm down enough to go to sleep at night. Therefore giving me more healthy rest. Other than that and getting more excercise..there is not much else they can do.

01-25-04, 02:58 AM
:( I hope the meds does help. Becareful with the excersise....I know it's hard to excersise win you are in pain. Love ya mom.

01-25-04, 12:47 PM
Mary, Im glad youve been diagnosed and any time you need to talk we are here. Love you mary

01-26-04, 07:16 PM
I'm on Wellbutrin and my wife has fibro... any time you want someone else on the list of people to talk with who understands, feel free...

02-05-04, 04:49 AM

I am so sorry that you are not doing well. I have missed talking to you and have not been the best friend lately and I'm sorry. But, do know I am here for you and will be praying each night for you.

Much love, Cherity

02-05-04, 05:13 AM
I am keeping you in My prayers as always Mommy..remember the angels will smile on you when you need them most.:)

02-06-04, 07:36 PM
Thank you all! I really needed to see that there are others who do care about me.

It has been a rough couple of weeks. I forgot to call the doctor and make my appointment. My blood pressure has been elevated all week, so I have been resting a lot.

Trying not to get stressed has been helping some. I am also sleeping better this last week.

Love you gals and guys! :)

02-06-04, 09:11 PM
a meditation for you to help with the bp and stress:

"my add forums buddies love me and are praying for me"
repeat as often as needed.....

03-22-04, 11:01 PM
Thank you Pembroke.. you are absolutely right. It does help knowing that others care and are praying for me. That someone is always here for me to talk to when I need them.

Thanks for all the words of love and encouragement and know that I am here too, if you need me to talk to.

03-23-04, 04:42 AM
You are ALWAYS in my thoughts AND prayers.
I love ya!

03-23-04, 10:45 PM
I think marys already been established in the 'well loved and needed' category somewhere in the vast heavens.

03-23-04, 11:03 PM
Is crying over here...thank you.

03-23-04, 11:26 PM
<--------wishes you better soon. we're thinking of you here in the southeast. :)

03-24-04, 08:47 PM
Thanks :)

03-26-04, 12:09 AM
The weather has been bad here lately.. rainy and ick... I wasn't depressed yesterday, just in a lot of pain from the weather.. back was so bad it was causing me to be sick to my stomach.

Today wasn't bad until it rained this afternoon.

03-27-04, 06:07 PM

YOu know my number and my messenger is usually always opened. I am here for you when ever you need me. I am always thinking of you and when you are better you and I will get togetherr and do some hugs. I know you like my hugs. Hope you start feeling better. Love you mommy.

03-27-04, 09:16 PM
Thank you Mickey! :)

03-28-04, 12:51 AM
Aww Mary,
Big huggs to ya. The wellbutrin or something will take effect and you;ll feel like a new person again,,,,I love you kiddo.

03-29-04, 06:26 PM
Love you too Claudia. Thanks all of you for listening. Today wasn't as bad as yesterday. I missed church because I was so miserable.

Today hasn't been so bad..and I did get some sleep. The meds have been helping.

Thanks again everyone for being here for me.

04-01-04, 06:46 PM
Ok.. I am back again. I was really depressed yesterday after seeing the doctor. I did score better on the testing from the last time though. If I do have inflammatory arthritis it just adds another illness to the growing list.

I am soooooooo tired of being in pain, being depressed and not able to do things around here. Kids still won't help. I told them we won't go on vacation if they can't help around here. They will spend their vacation cleaning if I have to get my sister over here to supervise.

Sorry to be always down. It's just they don't understand what I go through each day just to get out of bed. :(