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01-25-04, 02:57 AM
I wanted to let you know that I finally got a diagnosis from the Rheumatologist. I have not only the fibromyaliga and the chronic fatigue syndrome but the depression as well. I scored like a 44 on the quiz paper they gave me.

I started Wellbutrin XL for that as I posted under the Depression discussion too.

I am to do daily excercises and ride my stationary bike at 3 minutes to start with and work my way up.

Now I truly know what has been wrong with me. In a way it's a relief, but in other ways.. it feels like what else can go wrong?

Thanks for being there when I needed someone to talk to about this.

01-25-04, 03:14 PM
Sorry you have so much to deal with right now.

Let us know what can help...

01-28-04, 08:17 PM
Mary..Here's a great big hug. <a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border=0></a>

Unfortunately you have a very long journey ahead of you. In my experience, what works for a while soon wears off, and you are back to the drawing table so to speak to find out what will work next. The medications I'm on right now seem to be helping quite a bit. These meds are Neurotin 300 mg 3 times a day, Soma 350 mg 4 times a day, Flexeril 10 mg 3 times a day , Vicodin 7.5/750 mg 4 times a day as needed for pain..I only take this one when my ciatic nerve flares up. And last but not least amitriptylin 10 mg 1 to 3 tablets at bedtime as needed. I have to use these to make me sleep, otherwise I'm up all night because of the pain.

So far this combination has worked the best. I am unable to do the stationary bike due to my knees being really bad so I do yoga to stretch the body. It will take you awhile to find out how much you can do without having an adverse reaction, meaning putting you in more pain then what you started with.

Let me know how things progress so we can work on this together. And bare in mind what works for 1 person may not work for another. Also these doctors really don't know what works and what doesn't. I know I've seen so many different kinds of doctors including going to a pain management clinic and everyone of them have told me that there really isn't a medication that can be taken alone or in combination that works for every person, and unfortunately the liver eventually will recognize the medication and you will have to switch to another. I personally have to switch back and forth about ever 4 to 6 months to keep a continuation of pain relief, and even at that it's not 100% pain relief, just tolerable pain relief.

Huggz Hon

La Donna

01-28-04, 08:30 PM
Thanks for responding La Donna. I will keep you up to date..and most likely be asking for lots of advice.

It does hurt my knees terribly doing the bicycle. But I also want to try and get some of my weight back off that I gained because of my thyroid.

I have been reading some of the sites I have and I believe I found a place for others with fibro to chat. I will have to check it again to be sure.

Talk to you soon!

01-28-04, 11:47 PM
Your very welcome my dear.

Let me know if you find that chat site of interest. Some that I have been to turned out to talk about other things then FMS. And when I tried to get a conversation going, I was more or less told to leave. To bad I can't remember the name of it. Although I have found some good sites on msn messenger. I need to find that room again. I haven't been there in like forever. It felt a lot like the ADD Chat room on yahoo as far as the love and concern of the people that were there. Although it was a way smaller crowd then what we are used to. LOL

01-29-04, 12:22 AM
When I find it again.. I'll post it. :)

03-09-04, 12:55 PM
Spirit, MSN chat has now become a pay service. Sadly, MSN does not believe in free chatting anymore. BOO HISS MICROSOFT. If you haven't allready checked out IRC chatrooms, you may want to look into that. IRC is the msot flexible chat service that I know of, with dozens of chat clients compatible with every operating system (that I know of.)

03-09-04, 01:04 PM
Hugs Mary!!
Swimming suppost be be good 4 fibromyalgia..indoor pool mary heated, do easy streaches and walk back and forth in the pool...hugggs

03-09-04, 10:53 PM

03-15-04, 10:54 PM
OH wow Gil I didn't know that. *grumbles under her breath* Thanks for the 411.

I agree with MrsB. Heated pool and stretching does help tremendously.

Huggz all

03-16-04, 12:21 AM
Thank you both!