View Full Version : Sleep walking and sleep talking?

08-10-07, 12:50 PM

When I was younger (age 2 to about age 10), I slept walked almost every night, usually talking and/or screaming (if it was a nightmare/terror) at the same time. I could preform every day tasks in my sleep as well. Even now, I occasionally sleep walk and I've read that it usually ceases around age seven or eight. :confused: And I still sleep talk almost nightly. I'm not sure what causes it, but Mom doesn't think it's sleep apnea and, as it's never caused severe impairment, we've never gotten it checked out. The only time it really worried my my mom was when I ended up downstairs (my room is on the second floor) because that meant managing the stairs...

I think that the sleep talking and occasionally walking is the reason I'm chronically exhausted, but no sleep aid has really helped without side effects (Ambien made me manic so my psychiatrist didn't try any meds specifically for sleep and Seroquel made me groggy and acting drunk during the day)...I can't stand the taste of tea and any herbs run a risk of screwing up my medication. Any advice??

Oh, and I'm seventeen now, if that matters...