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08-12-07, 10:33 PM
A teacher in Minnesota (where I live) is changing out chairs for stability balls when school starts in the fall!

here's the article:

Something like this might help you guys at home while you're studying!!

You can usually find them around $20.

here are some at Amazon:

If i were still in school, I'd totally do this!

I bet it can be added into accomodations . . .


08-18-07, 04:13 AM
That's awesome

08-18-07, 10:17 AM
We get those balls for the Dore program too. I tried one at my work desk, and it was GREAT! Except that it made my workstation too tall. But, I can see the value in that, it would really help with the fidgeties. It will be interesting to see how theK- classroom does with it, because I could see the kids really getting going on bouncing on them, and they are so fun to play with! My son is 14, and still "plays" with the ball when we are trying to do the exercises with it. May make the classroom a bit harder to control, I don't know.

08-18-07, 01:35 PM
My mom and I actually bought my cousin for his birthday something like that, except the ball was inside of a chair, but it still did the same thing, it was just taller and way more easier to control. I think we got it at Staple's a couple of years ago, but I'm not sure. All I know is it's cool to sit on!

08-18-07, 02:04 PM
If we had those in class, I would do everything possible with it; bounce it, hop around the room on it, play catch with people. I'd do anything BUT stay quiet! xD

08-23-07, 02:03 PM
wow that looks great. kind of reminds me of first grade when I had some kind of thing on my chair witch moved with me if I was moving/tilting on my chair so the whole chair wouldn't move.

10-29-07, 11:31 PM
I'm the kid that would fall off! hehe. That sounds fun, I'm interested to see if I'd fidget less on that sort of thing.. I feel like i'd try to roll around on top of it!

10-30-07, 07:10 PM

I used one at home for my desk to help keep my back straight. It worked for a bit, then I had to switch back to a chair.

I was bouncing quite a bit on it, especially to music. Never had a problem typing on the keyboard, either. :D

06-27-08, 11:17 PM
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Classroom seating for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: therapy balls versus chairs.

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07-01-08, 09:29 PM
re: balance training

Dr. Hallowell makes mention of the usefulness of balance training (cerebellum work) using a wobble board. (A person stands on it.)

I think the cerebellum is one of the motor coordination and organization parts of the brain.

I remember not learning much about it during my neuroscience courses. It was considered a part of the brain that had little usefulness except for motor processes.

That conclusion seems to be changing recently in brain science, however.

07-08-08, 03:54 PM
I started sitting on a TheraBall (I assume this is the same thing as a stability ball) during my fitness theory lectures at the Y and it really helps.

Before my ADD diagnosis, in my teens, I was really drawn towards some balance/stability equipment. I had a unicycle (I still do) and a roll-a-bola (a variation on a balance board - it's just a skateboard deck and a piece of PVC pipe, to roll on). I seem to think better on my motorcycle, unicycle, or the stability ball than in a car or sitting in a chair.

Hey, how did I end up on one of the teen forums?

07-17-08, 10:15 PM
I love those balls xD

I think I'd enjoy sitting on that more then a regular desk at school, especially since those decks kill my back XP

But they'd never get em at my school..

Its really sad, when I was in elementary school everyone behaved, and could've handled sitting on balls...

...But now, everyone would bounce around like they were in kindergarten, and throw them at each other's heads and the like =P

I could try to bring one to sit on, and they'd take it up =P

07-17-08, 10:23 PM
I'm going to have my 10 y/o son sit on one at his desk while he's doing his summer work. I'll post how it works out!
Depending on the results I may talk to his new teacher this year about them and show these reports here as supporting documents.

Thanks, LIC & Smitten! :)

07-18-08, 12:39 AM
Let us know how it goes, please!

I want to get one for my desk. So, I'll start researching pricing and will post it here.

I think that being able to slightly bounce will be comforting (as rhythm typically helps us) and help us stay on task.

Target (

WalMart ( (

Karen Lynch
10-30-08, 11:49 AM
I'd love to revisit this topic ... for anyone who has ever tried these balls with their child ... did it work?