View Full Version : Depression and ADHD - Oh teh JoY~

08-16-07, 05:54 AM
IMO I can talk better and understand people much more better if they have ADHD theirselfs. Why is this? I don't understand my GF and she doesn't understand me - well we understand each other enough that we get a long ^_^;;

While talking with someone about how my glass is either half empty or half full...we were talking about how...

Well, it really depends what's in the GLASS. if it's Milk - I LOVE MILK - then the glass if for sure half FULL. IF it's....Mudy DIrt? then the glass is for sure half empy. My freind understood what i was talking about - she has adhd..and a lot of other 'fun' things.

While talking with my gf..she didn't think about it like that..she thought about it as...Well it's either half empty or full depending on how thursty you are. If you hella thursty and there is water in the cup -- well it's half full!

I don't know if this makes sense at all, since i'm not really thinking about what i'm writting. Whadaya think?