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08-17-07, 07:49 AM
I have been taking 10mg Focalin XR for a few months now. It works good, but does not last nearly as long as advertised. Generally I start my work day at 6:30 and end around 4:00. I have found that if I take one in the morning, that barely gets me till noon. Actually, for the most part it has worn off by then completely. Then, I have to take another one around noon to last me the second part of the day. From what I figure, I get about 4 good hours, then it drops quick.

The other problem with this is my doctor. Not sure if he will prescribe me 60 tablets so that I can take two a day. So, then I go through a 30 day supply in about 15 days. Since the literature tells you to take all of the capsule immediately, he will not allow me to open a 20mg and split it throughout the day. Guess it tells you to take it all at once and not save any. Not sure why, but whatever.

Also, Focalin XR is very expensive! I have insurance, but it still costs 25$ a month. Without insurance it is something like 140 bucks which is a joke.

At some point I will be going back to the doctor and may request something else. I tried Adderall XR and I cannot recall if it was any better. Can anyone recommend something else that actually lasts most of the day? I was thinking about Dexedrine spansules which are probably much cheaper since they have been around a lot longer. Perhaps they are better...

08-17-07, 09:09 AM
Dexedrine is worth a try, I've heard people usually do pretty well on it but it's different for everyone.

Sometimes people need a 'booster' dose just before the first dose wears off to get them through the day, I'm surprised your doctor hasn't recommended something like this and it might be worth talking to him about it. It's a fairly common thing.

I'm not sure about pricing in the US so I can't help you there. I only have to pay $4.90 for my monthly supply no matter what the dose so I guess I'm a bit lucky

Good luck :)

09-02-07, 12:17 AM
FocalinXR doesn't last - agreed! My 6 year old daughter take 20mg FocalinXR at 7:15am and it only lasts until 1 or 2pm (5-6 hours). After that she needs a 10mg XR booster dose b/c she gets very inattentive and chatty after it waers off. They say it should last several hours longer, but it doesn't. Her doctor is not concerned that she needs a booster dose this quickly. She is great after the booster though. Her first dose of the morning also works in 15 minutes, but the prescribing info says it works in 1 hour.

Other than that, FocalinXR has been a life-changer for her. She is attentive, social but not a chatty kathy like before, and able to focus in school. She is also obedient and follows through, but did not without the meds. I do recommend it strongly!