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03-22-03, 03:47 PM
Some interesting resources for teachers and parents who have kids with Dyscalculia

Dyscalulia...What is it?

01-13-04, 07:46 AM
Was just browsing the site & saw this post. Good to see this raised - it is the orphan among learning difficulties! Hardly anyone outside the US knows of it & it is really hard to obtain diagnosis, treatment or accomodations. Many people also confuse it with 'math anxiety' which is completely different (although it may compound dyscalculia).

Some more good info at:

07-18-04, 07:06 PM
Im relieved that more information is available for dyscla. When I was in middle school higher math was impossible for me & throughout highschool & college most teachers assumed I was lazy & not making enough effort in their class. Wrong.
I probably spent more time studying & stressing over math then most of the other students in my classes.
& my checkbook sometimes Oy..
Sheesch Im still trying to remember the door lock combo for our new Explorer;)

07-16-11, 07:29 PM
I think i have dyscalculia.I was always in special ed starting in elementary school for english and math im pretty well with correcting spelling, i know how to spell decently,etc. Math,i always struggled, couldnt keep up with anyone in class even the teacher and fell behind. When i went one on one in special ed, if the teacher didnt constantly work with me on each problem, i would get side trackted and start daydreaming and i had a strange numbing sensation in my brain when i stared away. I tried to focus on the math and understand the formulas starting in pre algebra,but after that point i lost grasp of it. I want to get a AA in my life in some career field to support my backround in the future but i know when i come facing general ed,and the math comes, if i have to do algebra and cant do the work, how will i get the degree? I'm working with my doctor on diagnosis and we know i have ADHD but more on the ADD side. Has anyone gone through this or knew of anyone that has? If so, what are the options? What kind of school/college was good to go to? I thought about ITT-Tech or Heald College.

08-13-11, 01:33 AM
Sorry this is a little off-topic, OP...

I think i have dyscalculia. [...] What kind of school/college was good to go to? I thought about ITT-Tech or Heald College.
My personal opinion -- I would stay away from ITT-Tech and Heald College (both for-profit schools) if I were you. Since you are in California, the junior college / community college system is very good (at least, it was before the higher education system was gutted...), and it is probably much more affordable than ITT-Tech or Heald would be. Solano Community College may be near you if you're in Vacaville.

The community colleges will also have well-developed support systems for students with LDs and ADHD. You can check with the Disability Services Program at SCC ( -- maybe meet with someone there -- and figure out what documentation you'll need to be eligible for services, and what kinds of help and accommodations they can provide for you.

If you have dyscalculia, you may want to avoid some of the fields (like computer science) that will require a lot of math courses. But if you can arrange some supports -- maybe a reduced course load during terms where you have to take math courses, tutoring, extra time on exams, or whatever else will help you success -- you may be more successful in algebra and other general ed math courses. Then you will have fewer barriers to an AA degree in a field that suits your skills and needs.

Good luck!