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08-22-07, 12:26 PM
I'm fast approaching an impasse in my life, and now think that I very much need some help or counselling. To keep from totally losing it, I've started taking wellbutrin again after staying off of it for the last couple of years.

Some background: I'm a 47 year old male, and to date I've had several different jobs/careers, gone back to school twice, divorced once going on twice, filed for bankruptcy once, changed jobs within the same profession 8 times since 1993, and also moved 7 times since 1993. I started taking meds for depression back in 1997, but have occassionally gotten off of them when the side effects became too bothersome.

Without getting too much more detailed with issues you've all heard before, when looking at my life from childhood through today, and considering everything from my inability to focus, to the constant fight against boredom, to the impulsiveness that has plagued my life, and even my handwritting, I am convinced that the depression I suffer from has merely been a by-product of ADHD.

I'd like to see someone about this, get tested, and get some help, but I don't know how to go about doing this except too look in the yellow pages. I'm located in middle TN, and even called Vanderbilt Psychiatric Clinic to ask if they had anyone who might specialize in adult ADHD, but they didn't, and didn't know anyone who did.

I guess I have a couple of questions: 1) How important is it to seek out a therapist who specializes in Adult ADHD? 2) What do I do if there isn't one in my area?

I'm very happy to have found this forum, and would appreciate any thoughts y'all might have. Thanks!

When I first started taking meds for depression I also saw a therapist, but it was a complete waste of time and money, so I've resisted seeing one ever since. But now I feel like I have no choice.

08-22-07, 01:18 PM
welcome wander...

i feel like numbering things today.

1. try lots of counselors til you find the RIGHT ONE. yeah you gotta tell your story over and over, but it will be worth it.
2. i'm 50 and i know what you mean about an impasse. geez.
3. i forgot what your post said, justa minute.
4. keep your sense of humor
5. there are some pretty standard adult ADD meds. i bet trying the ones mentioned alot in this forum would be a good start, who ever perscribes them.

theres lots of good reading here, lots of people with your symptoms.

08-23-07, 09:25 AM
Thanks for the response, uhurainmi. Being an impatient sort, I dread having to go thru the process of searching for someone to help, but I have to. The alternative is not pretty.

08-23-07, 11:23 AM
Hi wanderingman.

I'm 41 and still wandering as well. I've been through this several times:

When I first started taking meds for depression I also saw a therapist, but it was a complete waste of time and money......and I gave up, decided there were no answers and I must just settle for how I feel... I've resisted seeing one ever since.But after years of dealing with the struggle day in and day out - eventually, I start to sink into one of those deeper depressions, and...

...feel like I have no choicebut to try once again.

And I think trying again is worth it. Maybe this know?