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08-25-07, 02:57 AM
K right now I am so bored. ive been "sick" today from work so have spent the whole day on the computer and internet and stuffing my face with crappy food.
Wow what an amazing exciting life.
anyways i dont know why im sending this post at all because its so boring and stupid like the one writing it lol
anyhow toodles!

08-25-07, 03:43 AM
well im bored too... i think thats a charistic of ADD... lol

08-25-07, 05:08 AM
you dont say lol
why oh why o why do i have this brain disfunction ha. sometime actually do love it, thinking outside the box has its pluses and minuses.
was going to watch the rugby but watched 2 mins and was bored so back on here agian.
what do u like doin when ur bored??

08-25-07, 06:48 AM
I normaly just sit down, surf the internet. go do something with webbuilding/programming

08-25-07, 07:23 AM the moment im going thru a phase of spending like 10 hours on the internet on about 8 diff websites at once researching something or it usually ends up being like 10 diff things lol and being on here.
and also started eating heaps...not sure why? used to skip meals not overeat.
my brain aye
so ur real keen on webuilding/programming etc? do u do it for a career?

08-25-07, 07:28 AM
no just as a hobby, something to get my mind off of school or to do in spare time. With webbuilding I also never really put anything on the internet, just make them.

08-25-07, 08:26 AM
hey 4got. I am bored too.
Just a side note, something which has helped me.
I used to believe (ok, story first - but its short I hope/promise) that because I am so different to everone I knew I was broken, had something screwed on upside down, was abandoned by my true parents which live on Zark III. . . .you know that sort of thing. I never knew I had ADHD until very recently and also never knew there where any people on earth remotelty similar to me. So I chugged (i just invented that word) on finding solutions to my different problems in my life. eventually I came to where I am now stronger, more confident, smarter and even though I have a 30second consentration span (unless I hyperfocus - that can last for days) I am more productive than most "normal people" I now knonw I have ADHD, I am unmedicated because I have found solutions to most of my typical problems through struggle have become happy with who I am today. . . . ok, I am unmedicated because I cant afford the meds aswell. (ok- short/medium/long story over)
My point is, dont see AD/HD as a dysfunction, just cause you dont fit in with the "normal" model of what a person "should" act/be like does not make you weaker or broken. A Ferrari and a Toyota convention does not mae the ferrari a cr*p car.

08-25-07, 09:07 AM
thanks thats true. i guess im getting used to being diagnosed with adhd...just this week, its good to know whats really happening.
thanks manae i will try take wot u said to heart. i guess it just means we see things from a different perspective and need to utilise it and use it as a gift and use it in a way that benefits us...right?

08-25-07, 12:42 PM

BTW. what is normal, to blend in with everyone else? Nobody can do that, everyone will stand out one way or the other. If that means you're easily board or can't concentrate or that you walk slow, fast, strange. There is no "normal". Don't try to compare yourself, accept the way you are and work on the things you don't like about yourself but always accept anything you have. These are the cards you were dealt, make the best out of it.

I know how hard it can be. I've had some problems with this too but I've conquered that problem and believe that I've grown stronger by it.