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08-28-07, 07:44 AM much of a part did lifestyle changes make? If you don't mind sharing what kind of changes did you make?

I had recently read an article (and good luck asking my bi/adhd brain where) written by a Doctor who said that meds were important for the treatment, but did not heal you. He said there are other areas (nutrition, work, stressers, etc.)that you must look at to help in the healing process. Yesterday I was playing on our Xbox 360 and I began to realize that these games somehow hit my buttons. The more I play the crankier I seemed to get. Then I started thinking about how stressful my job is (and out of all the people I am the only one not making extra money on bonuses and commissions) and how changing that would probably be helpful.

I am curious to hear about changes people made and the impact it had. Any sharing is greatly appreciated.


08-28-07, 10:02 AM

I have made many small changes that really help. I find it's the small things that get me going and before I know it, I'm all freaked out.

noise and touch:keep only one key on the keychain, so it doesn't make noise while I drive. Nothing moving around in car or trunk. no bracelets to feel or hear. keep hair off face. those single hairs touching my cheek or neck wind me up.

music: i like repeatitive melodies like Bach or the blues. I keep away from modern classical and it's irritating use of percussion and too many violins. Also, i find opera irritating and pop/country/new R and B are out because they suck.

Food: i have hypoglycemia, low sugar. I eat 6-8 small meals a day. protien in the morning and bedtime, in addtion to dinner. no sugar until bedtime, it makes me sleepy. altho. the adderall i'm taking has changed that.
caffeine: dang, i love coffee and chocolate, but there is no good time for it.

hope this is helpful,


if i can keep myself comfortable and well fed, I can function much easier.

08-28-07, 10:42 AM
Morning Sponge...

And I believe the article is correct. That is part of the trap people often fall under. For most people that have a chemical imbalance. JUST taking a pill is not the magic fix. And for a lot of people just making life style changes are NOT enough. You do need both.

All the meds do it balance out the ridiculous extreme mood we can sort out all the mess. Decide what is important to deal with and what is not.
I don't find myself as overwhelmed by everything. I am able to make a schedule now and keep it better since my moods don't always dictate what I am doing or not doing.

I have modified my eating habits. I do eat less sugar, more protein esp with my meds. Since I am not depressed as often, I also manage to get more exercise and go to the park with the boys, ride bikes etc. The exercise piece seems to really help keep the moods in check as well.

I think a big part, is now that I am not bouncing between the emotions of being a loser when I am depressed and being "godlike" when I am manic...I am able to start dealing with issues I wasn't before. I am more willing now to talk about things that are really "wrong" with me. I am scheduling therapy for me , just me for the first time in years. I am more willing to look in the mirror and begin to undo the damage done from the BP and , undo some of the havoc reeked in my life, by just plain old bad habits and learned behaviors.

You can't possibly blame everything on the BP. And just taking a pill is not going to fix all of the other issues assoicated with it, caused by it, or caused by just being a human.

I am learning how to be more self-disciplined.

I still journal a lot. One of my first goals was to set a house schedule. Somethign I have done a million times and not completed , a million times.
My kids and I both need the schedule to survive. And you know what. It has been working very well for the last few months. The true test is when school starts on Thursday. Keeping the homework, chore, family time...etc that is going to be key.

I try to not get caught up in the little "head" trap of drama...I am better able to pull a piece at a time of the clutter in my head, and deal with that and move on. Then I am not all over the place. I was never able to do this before. This goes hand in hand wiht the meds.