View Full Version : UGGGGH!! The semester began!

08-29-07, 11:43 PM
So I'm an unmedicated fairly new art teacher at the college level(first 3 yrs of actual teaching experience) and another semester has begun. I just want to scream and then curse up a storm, maybe finish off by throwing myself on the floor. I'm that frustrated with my unmedicated self.

I teach this one studio class which is actually 3 different subjects in one classroom (painting, drawing, and 2-d design students) This would be challenging for a normal person but for me, ADD inattentive, it is a nightmare sometimes. Students, all wanting to ask questions at the same time. Actual lines forming to ask me questions. (I'm feeling the need to curse again!!!) :eek: Students interrupting me, constantly, all this information being thrown at me like grenades.

Fortunately, I don't show how undone I am becoming on the inside but it is still happening. Since it is a night class, I stew over the nights events and it is hard to get to sleep. It doesn't matter how much outside time I spend planning, I can never anticpate or control how distracted I become with trying to keep up with and help all these students.

I am trying to be patient waiting for my appointment with the psychiatrist to get treated for ADD as an adult. Since I haven't been on any meds in ten yrs this is proving difficult, have to be rediagnosed. Any improvement in mental clarity, ability to prioritize outside information would be a miracle.

Until then #*^***####$$^^&*U*IUYU**()(^YT%%%&Y^$EE$E##, curse, curse, kick scream! Can any teachers relate? Hell, can anyone relate?

01-22-08, 09:01 PM
I know what you mean about multiple demands being put on you simultaneously by the students. During my teaching experience (chemistry) I felt kind of overwhelmed by that. Just a suggestion but can you take in some cardio exercise shortly before class- maybe 30-40 minutes on the treadmill? It might help you focus. Also maybe you should provide a more structured way for students to ask for help (instead of letting them all come at you at once). Maybe you could tell them to keep working until you get around to them, and go around the room. You have more teaching experience than me so I'm sorry if this sounds presumptuous. Art is probably the best place for inattentives to be, though I keep trying with science. And night classes have to be better than early morning classes. Don't give up.