View Full Version : Employer will pay for a private doctor! Please help us find a psychiatrist!

08-30-07, 07:39 AM
My husband has been battling with untreated ADHD since we moved to the UK last year. In the USA he had been receiving wonderful treatment and proper medication, but since we moved whenever he looked for help he was either ignored or even laughed at!

As everybody knows, most NHS doctors will say that adult ADHD is bogus and that's what my husband has experienced - and sadly, we can't afford private doctors :(

During an employee review this week, not surprisignly, complaints about my husband's organizational skills and inability to focus came up. He had never discussed his ADHD with his emplyer before, but this time he just did not have an other way to explain what was going on, and told him. For our surprise, his boss was absolutely delighted in hearing that, and said "Wonderful! It all makes sense now! Another of our employees also has ADHD and it is so clear to see when he is not on Rytalin!" After my husband explained why he has been off drugs, the boss immediately told him that they will pay for everything he needs - we just need to find somebody!

Now, that is easier said that done! Where do I look for private psychiatrists? I found a website that lists where specialists are located, but it does not give any phone number and names! Where can I find this information?? By the way, we are in Colchester, Essex but my husband is willing to travel far, as long as he can get treatment ASAP!!

Thank you so much for your help!

from a very hopeful couple!!

08-30-07, 03:15 PM