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08-30-07, 09:24 PM
My son is 10 and has ADHD and PDD. His behavior has been off the wall - tried increasing his Dexedrine and that did not work. Was on Risperdal - made him very anxious, and now is on Zyprexa - doing worse at 10 mg. The doc suggested Trileptal for the behavior and ADHD. Any thoughts?

08-30-07, 09:30 PM
I have taken Trileptal, yes. I was trying it as a mood stabilizer for bipolar disorder though... :confused:

I was under the impression that Trileptal was an anti-seizure medication which acts as a mood stabilizer at very low doses, much lower than would be needed to actually control seizure disorders.

I was unable to continue taking Trileptal due to an intolerable side effect. All people are different, however, so what happened to me is not necessarily going to happen to somebody else.

08-31-07, 12:12 PM
My husband takes Trileptal, as a mood stabilizer, because he has bipolar disorder.

But it doesn't do anything for his ADHD, he has to take other medications for that.

So, it is used for stabilizing a person's mood, which can have a positive effect on behavior. But I'd make sure you got the doc to tell you exactly what he expects it to do, and what he expects it not to do. Thinking the Trileptal will affect the ADHD sounds like something got a little crossed somewhere, so I'd recommend a talk with the doctor so everyone is on the same page about what effects to hope for and look for.

08-31-07, 02:32 PM
So, it is used for stabilizing a person's mood, which can have a positive effect on behavior.The U.S. Food and Drug Administration gave approval for the use of Trileptal for the treatment of partial seizures in adults and children. For epilepsy - monotherapy (used by itself) or adjunctive therapy (used with other meds) for adults with partial seizures. Adjunctive therapy only for kids with partial seizures. Partial seizures are when you have one or two limbs shaking badly but not a full-on flopping around seizure. With complex partial seizures you may lose consciousness or you just may be in a kind of altered state.

There is much less evidence supporting the use of Trileptal in either the depressed phase of bipolar disorder, or in prophylaxis of bipolar disorder. Trileptal also be effective in treating conditions as varied as mood disorders like anxiety, depression and Bipolar Disorder, sleep disorders, preventing migraine headaches and reducing chronic, neuropathic pain. Oxcarbazepine may also have mood-stabilizing effects and may be especially useful for difficult-to-treat bipolar episodes.

A mood stabilizer is a psychiatric medication used to treat mood disorders characterized by rapid and unstable mood shifts. The most common is bipolar disorder, where mood stabilizers suppress swings between mania and depression, and these drugs are also used in borderline personality disorder. Most mood stabilizers are anticonvulsants, with the important exception of lithium, which is the oldest and best known mood stabilizing drug.

Most mood stabilizers are effective at treating mania and mood cycling and shifting, but are not very effective at treating depression (with lamotrigine and lithium carbonate being exceptions). Often, an antidepressant is prescribed in addition to the mood stabilizer during depressive phases. However this brings some risks, as antidepressants can induce mania, psychosis, and other disturbing problems in bipolar patients, particularly when taken alone, but sometimes even when used with a mood stabilizer.

An antidepressant, in the most common usage, is a psychiatric medication thought to alleviate clinical depression or dysthymia ('milder' depression).

A mood stabilizer is used in bipolar patients to bring a patient to stability between the two extreme mood states known as mania and depression. That is why they call it bipolar disorder. A mood stabilizer is not necessary for all moods, because all moods do not swing between one pole and another.

So if the child is depressed only, he does not need his mood stabilized, he needs something to COUNTER depression, namely, an antidepressent. It just so happens that Trileptal is known to have properties that may stabilize cycling moods as well as countering depression.

Risperdal is often used for countering anxiety and agitation. I seem to remember another parent saying that it made an autistic spectrum child become anxious, was that your son, Dad39? I searched your posts briefly, and it seems as though your son's diagnosis has changed from time to time. Is his current diagnosis what you said, ADHD and PDD, or has bipolar been mentioned?

09-02-07, 02:24 PM
Saw the doc last week and he wanted us to stay on the Zyprexa for another week and increase the Dexedrine dosage to see how that works. Increased the Dexedrine 5 mg. in the morning, and he is the same if not worse. The doc did mention Bi-Polar - my feeling is that we will start the Trileptal at the end of next week and not sure what he will recommend with the Dexedrine.

09-02-07, 02:42 PM
It sounds like a perfectly normal option for pediatric bipolar disorder to me Dad39, since bipolar manifests a bit differently in children then in adults. My child was taking Neurontin before we decided to switch her to Lamictal use off-label.

Most bipolar medications these days are anti-seizure medications, in much smaller doses than that which would be prescribed for seizure disorders. Trileptal is but one of them.

Will you come back and keep us posted as to how your son does with the Trileptal? :)