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08-31-07, 10:38 PM
Hello I was diagnosed with aspergers syndrome (Autism spectrum) a year ago, and I felt like it was time for me to help parents, teachers, those with aspergers like me, friends help them in the educational learning and finding there strengths and weaknesses so they can deal with it.
My educational toolbar that i made have internet radio so they can sucessfully concentrate :0) and relieve the nervous system from overloading. (

Download our toolbar

The Features we offer are directly below. This Toolbar Has no spyware,Adware,Malware and Parasiteware embedded into it. ( Features:


internet radio/podcasts

top news displayed

rss reader

message inbox: get updates on our community instantly.

check your pms

check weather

tell a friend

refresh toolbar for new updates

clear search history

toolbar options: customize it

Shrink toolbar

blocks popups.

Free Security Features

to do list

language translation tools.

videos, and news ticker to display all the educational material!

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And toolbar will be updated with new content frequently.