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09-04-07, 06:51 AM
Anybody had any success with doing something about a monotonous voice?

Esp connected with NVLD (I have a bit of that profile, and there seems to be some conection................shhhh)

09-04-07, 09:28 PM
can you restate the question?

09-06-07, 01:08 AM
can you restate the question?

I understand completely. . .I have a hard time understanding post that fail to have enough words. . . .I goggled what I hoped would be the main points which helps.

NVLD - non-verbal learning disorder = has problems with learning "non-verbally.

The Syndrome of Nonverbal Learning Disabilities:

Nonverbal learning disabilities represent a discrete and separate diagnostic entity. However, some of the symptoms identified are similar to those described for other disorders. Individuals with right hemisphere dysfunction ), Asperger's syndrome ), and "central processing disorders" each possess a number of symptoms that overlap with those seen in NVLD Some clinicians have also suggested that Asperger's syndrome and NVLD are similar disorders

While the NVLD syndrome has only recently been described in detail (Rourke, 1987, 1989), a number of important articles and two major books have been dedicated to descriptions of the disorder (Rourke, 1989, 1995a). Despite this fact, the syndrome is unfamiliar to many psychologists, diagnosticians, and educators

{not to mention pretty new to dyslexic ADDF members - although I have heard of it before I know little about it myself. This always seem to me as people who are like my mirror opposite. What NVLD struggle with I use to compensate what I struggle with they use to compensate= see underlined NVLD strengths below = way cool new information}

Rourke (1995a) also described a number of assets in children with NVLD
These strengths include simple motor skills, auditory perception, simple auditory attention, and rote memory for simple verbal material. Language strengths include adequate receptive language, adequate simple verbal expression, and good phonetic analysis. The relative strengths with phonetic analysis demonstrated by children with NVLD frequently lead to good single word recognition and strong spelling skills, particularly for phonetically predictable words. However, they often have difficulty with spelling and decoding phonetically unpredictable sight words.

{phonetics to me is a type of telephone company and my spelling abilities are nonexistent and I have yet to receive my decoder ring so I do not do this either}

Children with NVLD present with a wide range of visual-spatial, visual motor, sensory, and motor deficits. At the more basic levels, these deficits involve problems with visual and tactile perception and discrimination

They typically have extreme difficulty visualizing the overall gestalt of images,
{I am the complete opposite}

NVLD children sometimes demonstrate weakness in particular aspects of speech and language. As with right hemisphere damage individuals (Ryalls, Joanette, & Feldman, 1987), difficulties with speech prosody and problems understanding and/or expressing emotional intonation are frequently observed in the more severe cases of NVLD. Difficulties with prosody often involve monotone speech with little inflection

***End Quote

{Text in green appearing between these things mine}
The regular black words are direct copies of the hyperlinked article.

~Underlining in source mine

Anybody had any success with doing something about a monotonous voice?

Esp connected with NVLD (I have a bit of that profile, and there seems to be some conection................shhhh

As you can tell several of us are just now finding out what NVLD is. = it seems to be opposite of being dyslexic.

After reading the litature it seems like this disorder has a lot in common with Autism and Asperger's If you find us frustrating naive you may check out the Asperger's /Autism sections for some useful ideas also. I do not mind exploring this with you but I will openly admit to my personal ignorance with this particular disability.

Logic would dictate the best place to begin meaningful approaches would be to seek out a professional qualified to provide a proper evaluation. If I were going to invest time and energy into learning about this I would want to make sure the condition applied to me. I would be soo mad at my self if I spent a lot of time researching the wrong "condition"

09-07-07, 08:59 PM
ok now that I know what that part is, my next question is what do you mean by doing something about a monotonous voice?

Thanks mead

09-08-07, 12:07 AM
I think the OP wants to know if there are any suggestions on how to deal with it when he speaks. I am sure it is a social handicap deluxe.