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09-10-07, 02:35 PM
Unusual Day

Today is an unusual day for this girl because she hardly gets out of the house.
She rather be cooped uo in her own world and closing the door to the outside world that surrounds her.

With the will og courage beating in her heart she knew she would have a fun day.

She went back to her old High School and visits familiar faces; that she knew from before in the club she knew started its first day on a C-day of today.

She is so excited to meet everyone when she is inches in walking distance of the High School.

She walks in with a happy warm smile on her face and she checks herself in the main office.

She walks knowing the halls by memory to the room her old L.A. 10th and 11th grade teacher's room, which is where the room is having the Club.

She slowly opens the door with a sweat drop going down her cheek of a little nervous of what might happen if she opens the door.

She opens the door and hears a big, "HI LIZ!" From the students she knew before in later years.

Filled with unexplainable joy; her heart just jumped right out of her chest.

The introduction of everyone in the club began and everyone said their names and why they joined the Club.

At 11:24 am almost everyone left the room and went to their next class. But not the girl she had graduated last year so she figured she give that was in her book bag she brought with her to the teacher.

He is happy with the gift that he said, "This is not leaving this room. Thanks Liz." She smiled with delights to hear such nice words. The gift was that special so of cousre he didn't want it to leave the room.

She then said her goodbyes to everyone left in the room and left with a little sorrow but she knew she will come back another C-day.

She walks in a now steady pace on home towards the old park she has been there years before.

She is finally there and fills up her water bottle; that had warm water when she got to the park.

She then stops at a table at the park and begins to type this poem of this unusual day she has been having.

But when she is done typing she knows that she will have much more unusual days to come.