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09-11-07, 04:11 PM
...Who recognise ADHD in adults?

Erm, hello

This is my first post, so please be kind to me:)

I have a tentative "diagnosis" of ADHD, I say tentative as it is not a diagnosis as such, more a suggestion from a mental health professional (NHS therapist) , but I exhibit 90% of the symptoms..

I was referred by aformentioned person to a local psychiatrist, who refused to acknowledge that ADHD can persist into adulthood (I was never diagnosed as a child, but all the clues were there). Despite this knock back, therapist is very keen to persue the matter, as the work we are doing together is hugely affected by my symptoms.

She wants to refer me to regional Psych teaching hospital as a first port of call, but I am concerned that I will be met with the same response and the more it happens, the more despondent I will feel. I understand that there are 2 specialist clinics in the uk- Cambs and London..but is there any way of finding a local psychiatrist (Midlands) who will make a diagnosis?

Many thanks


09-13-07, 05:36 AM
As far as I can make out the number of professionals recognising and treating Adult ADD in the UK is extremely small. My GP could not find anyone in Scotland and I am awaiting the reply to my GP's request for a referral to the Maudsley for diagnosis.

THe fact that you have an NHS therapist on your side is a major bonus. If the ADD is affecting your life as much as it is mine I feel that taking the time out to travel to London and even paying for a private consultation is worth the time and money.

From my experience non ADD psychiatrists/psychologists tend to try to treat the obvious symptoms they know about eg (for me depression, anxiety and don't really look deeper. They are very "therapy based" and the increasing research about the neurological aspects of ADD/ADHD seems to pass them by. It is true that alot of my depression, low self esteem and anxiety comes from experiences in my past, however those events were almost certainly the result from my ADD, once someone recognises that I feel I'll be a long way to being able to sort myself out with or without medication.

As far as someone in the midlands is concerned....sorry no contacts I'm afraid.

Please continue to post with your experiences, it is important that those seeking ADD diagnosis and treatment in the UK communicate to share information on accessing suitable skills and possible medication.

Apparently NICE are putting together a policy on Adult ADD which may leave your psychiatrist out in the don't be blocked in your search.


09-14-07, 03:45 AM

I am sorry that you are struggling to get treatment too and I suspect that we are not alone.

I am seeing the therapist on Monday and she was hoping to speak to a CAMHS colleague this week, who, despite being unable to treat me, may know of someone who would

I will keep you posted