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09-18-07, 06:24 PM
I have always had problems with falling asleep when the rest of the world does...and I sleep alot longer too. I hate myself for it.

I usually fall asleep around 2-3a.m. and wont wake up for generally about 11-12 hours later.. when the rest of the world has accomplished most of their day.. I have missed mannnny classes, barely graduated high school because of my weird sleep, been fired from plenty of jobs, and now am needing to drop a class in my 5th year of (full time) college, and I am not quite yet in my senior year.
I have a girlfriend that used to be a blessing in helping me get out of bed after a normal 7-9 hours, but lately I have subconsciously given up on her attempts at wanting to enjoy her day with me as a part of it. I only say this because I apparently yell at her for disturbing me (in a mean way), I give excuses, like "I dont feel well".. "please leave me alone".. "just leave." I do not remember any of this, ever. Today I missed a class and will need to drop it, and try again next semester... its too late in my college career to accept the B or C that I can get if I fly straight from here on out. I need my A's.
I want to be a part of the world around me. Sometimes I will stay up for several days so I fall asleep at 7 or 8 in the evening so I can get my usual 12 hours... and sometimes that works for a day or 2, other times I can log in 18-19 hours of uninterrupted sleep, but, then I revert back to falling asleep late and waking up even later. I sleep like the dead, I dont respond to alarms, or to people talking to me I dont know whats wrong with me.

So with my Concerta I thought that I was waking up easier, with help from my girlfriend. Since that has worn away, I have been taking my medication around 2-3 in the day, but it generally lasts around 7-8 hours.. and regardless of how long my day, like if I wake up somehow around 9 or 10a, I still dont go to sleep at a "decent hour". I have been and continue to sleep my life away. I like sleep, but I also want to be in control of my life.

Ideally i'd like to be tired around 10 and be sleepin by 11. This is a problem because I work until 1:30 or 2:00a.m. on the weekends. Two days during the week I work until 10:30, So I need my relax time after I get home to mentally prepare for my sleepyiness.. that will eventually come.
I dont know what to do, I am a bit cautious to take my simply sleep at 9 as I think it would counteract with the concerta. Also I dont get sleepy on my adhd medicine the way other folks on the board report that they do.

My life, I would like to believe was well within my control, but I cannot get past the guilt of these things that I apparantly cannot control. I dont have insurance and cannot afford to see a doctor about it, I have rather constructed my life around it, I have classes at 2pm during the week, and dont take classes any earlier because of my problems.

anyone have any advice?

Thank you.:faint:

Spaceman Spiff
10-10-07, 06:54 AM
Well unfortunately i dont really have advice but i am right there with you. I don't understand why I sleep so long and why, sometimes even when I have to get up early and barely get sleep the night before, I still stay up late the next evening. I understand so many of the things you mentioned and i've had the same problem with college as well.

And just for an example, i've been trying to fall asleep for almost 3 hours now and have somewhat given up. It's almost 6 a.m.

I'll try to remember to post if i find something that works for me. Good luck :)

Matt S.
10-10-07, 08:59 AM
I havent even slept an hour in two days, I wish I could sleep right now, not to get off topic or anything.

10-14-07, 04:00 AM
yeah i just don't have a circadian rhythm. like the first guy i seem to need at least 12 hours of sleep and it can't end at 6:00 in the morning and it can't start until 6:00 in the morning. which means that i'm always tired in the week from struggling to sleep from 2:00 to 8:00 am. and then during the weekends i sleep from, say, 6:00am to 6:00pm.

i read this bbc expose about this city in sweden or switzerland where people with inverted circadian rhythms live and work together. waking up in the afternoon to go to work. sleeping in the morning.

10-14-07, 12:11 PM
i love to sleep i fall asleep late like 2ish or 3is in morning and wake up at 1pm or 2pm and my mom tells me im waisting my day but i dont have nothing going for me and not many friends so what i do i have to loose? im not a morning person im better when i wake up late

10-14-07, 12:44 PM
Hard to say what your problem may be, as meds can change sleep.

If you have this off meds and caffeine, you may have a true sleep issue.

e.g. Some people have delayed phase sleep onset, and then oversleep.

Talk to your doctor?

NB sleep hygiene and exercise help improve sleep and sleep cycles

Color Scheming
11-12-07, 08:27 AM
Unfortunately, i dont have an answer either. But just like some other people im right there with you. I slept 13 hours one time, and i wake up and still feel tired. and just like someone else said there will be times where ill get two hours sleep half to wake up and stay up late or later than the last time. I dont know why it happens either. Has anyone ever tried to talk to a doctor about it?

Also the problems for me when i take over the counter sleep medicine is i will fall asleep quicker but i wake up 45757 times a night, and when i wake up i feel drugged, granted i fall asleep again quick but its interrupted sleep which is the worse kind!

11-14-07, 04:37 PM
My oversleeping seemed to improve after I started exercising, taking vitamins and improved my diet. For me, if I sleep eight hours or more, I wake up feeling tired, but if I sleep less than seven, I also wake feeling tired. If I sleep 7-7.5 hours I feel fine. So I try not to oversleep.

Spaceman Spiff
03-19-08, 03:06 AM
I'm going to try to revive this thread because I still have the same problems as the OP, almost exactly. Is there anyone else who has this problem or has found a way to help with this? I have barely controlled depression and anxiety in addition to the ADD so I know that is an influence but it's just getting so hard to deal with. I feel like a failure every single day.

04-06-08, 01:46 PM
My wife is bipolar (obviously with depression) with extreme anxiety (GAD). She has "ADD" traits, sometimes I think maybe she is just ADD, but honestly... she is not ADD at all.

She will sleep easily 10-12 hours each night, get up from bed, and then go lay on the couch for another 2 hours. By 12:30 each afternoon, she goes back to bed for another 2.5 hours or so. Total (in bed) about 12-14 hours each day. Laying down on the couch or watching TV, about 95% of any time left in the day.

She takes various meds and what not.

I'll be honest, it drives me nuts. I sleep 5-8 hours per night. If I get much more than that, I get sleepy and feel like I am dragging and need more sleep. While it is always painful to get out of bed... set your alarm and force yourself to get up at 7 or 8 hours. Don't "think" about it, don't "reationalize" (it's warmer under the blankets, boy, i could sure use an extra little sleep", just get yourself out of bed, get dressed, have some breakfast and take your ADD meds and get going for the day.

My wife tends to think that she needs to "sleep" until she feels "rested", and if she is "tired" she must not be "rested" and therefore must "sleep" more.

I feel TIRED when I get up each morning, but 30-45 minutes later, I'm running just fine and the thought of being tired is an after thought.

If you have a lot of depression, anxiety, sleeping too much... maybe your bipolar and not ADD? I have taken several "tests" that ask questions and they are tests that try and filter out whether you have ADD or Bipolar, the sole purpose of the test.

04-07-08, 01:17 AM
I function most effectively at 10-13 hours of sleep. my body needs it- and yes, I DO need to rest when I am tired. I respect my body's messages.I work from4 or 5 pm until 12ish. bed by 5 or 6 am. I wake up at 2 pm usually.some need more rest than others. I dislike morning people who deprive themselves and somehow see that as a positive thing...or who refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of a different sleep schedule.if yr body wants second shift, do it. take night classes, work second shift. build life to fit your needs, don't try to cram yourself into someone else's idea of what's right.

04-07-08, 03:07 AM
Force yourself awake at a time you want to get up and then straight away, go outside and go for a walk. After you do this for a while, you body clock should adjust. Oh, go to bed when you feel tired.

04-11-08, 11:43 AM
I'm writing this at 4:35p.m.

I did not sleep last night. I often do not sleep one or two nights a week. I find that I can not function the next day if I do not sleep- but if I do go to sleep I'll be asleep for most of the following day- having drifted off at about 6 am. So I'm useless either way

On the days I can't sleep I DON'T go to bed. I Stay up- going to bed only makes me more anxious and annoyed. I drink a few Rockstars/red bulls etc- they help me function and be less of a zombie. The caffeine also keeps me awake until the following evening. I'm not saying that caffeine is a good way to help you get to sleep- that would be stupid BUT try to stay up and get a good nights sleep the next evening- it's so worth while.

I often have problems of over sleeping though if I do this- so try and sleep as early as possible the next evening- so if you do oversleep, then you'll still wake up at a sensible time in the morning/early afternoon

10-07-08, 01:17 AM
Wow.... I am both shocked and amazed so many of you have the same problem. I never knew.

Obviously I too have the same issue. I also fall asleep at random times or have trouble staying awake during work/driving etc.. It can be really scary actually.

I was considering even asking my doctor about narcolepsy and the possibilities.

Adderall seems to help me with this more then anything else has- but now I am having a problem getting my script for it. (Sigh).

Good Luck to you and thank you for this post. It really helps a lot just knowing that I am not alone.